Monday, January 23, 2006

Getting Started

Okay, I have decided to become a full fledge blogger or something like that. I was using Yahoo 360 but it was kind of a pain, so here we go. Everyone tells me that they want more updates and pictures of what is going on in our life. Well now you can know the innermost details, whether you want to or not. I will be using this mostly as a journal, just writing down thoughts and things that have happened to me and our little family. We had a really fun weekend with Cassi and James who came to visit from Logan. On Saturday we went to see "Narnia" which was wonderful and if you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. Cassi and James watched Kathryn over night on both Friday and Saturday nights, so John and I could get some much needed rest. Kathryn is still not sleeping through the night consistently and had been sick last week, making nights harder than usual. We really appreciated them taking her for us. I really loved this picture of Katy sitting with her Aunt Cassi. The break was nice, but we really missed waking up to her happy smiling face. She is such a good baby and happy, happy most of the time. We really hate it when she is grumpy, because it is so out of character for her. Well I'm going to go back about my business. Don't forget to check back for more tales from our life. I'll try to write about something more entertaining next time.

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