Thursday, August 31, 2006

Two Things

I need all you blogging buddies out there to do two things for me. The first is to check out this post from Much More Than a Mom. She is selling T-shirts to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Not only is she raising money, but she is also matching the donations dollar for dollar. I don't know a single person that hasn't been affected by cancer. We all know someone who's had it, or maybe had it ourselves. They are always working to find new methods and ways of treatment, but that is expensive and it seems there is never enough money. Go check it out and donate a dollar or two if you can. Also spread the word. The more people that know, the more can contribute.
Secondly, go visit Moodswing Creations. If you are in the need of a blog design, Thursday Thirteen headers, linkware, custom buttons or banners, this is the place. Not only does Denise do custom templates and design work, she also has an awesome blog. So go check out her design stuff and blog. You'll be glad you did! Fairly recently she updated her blog template and I just love it. She also has some great stuff in her portfolio, so make sure you browse through it all.
~~ While I'm sending you places, you might as well check out my tenant. She's only here for a few more days. Find out why she's been so busy!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm moving

~ update~ I'm moving for sure, I just have to get some money together for the hosting and to have someone design something for me. Hopefully it won't take too long once I get to that point. Who do you guys use for hosting? ~end of update~
I'm so sick of blogger I could scream. It keeps messing my template up and at one point today, I had nothing but gobbly gook that you couldn't even read, with NO template. I've had it. I'm moving somewhere else. I've been thinking about wordpress. Anyone out there using it that likes it? Is it better to use their free one, or do I need to get my own domain. Help please, I've had it with all the blogger crap! Thanks!!
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Going and going and going

Once Kathryn started walking she really took off and she's getting FASTER. I thought I couldn't keep up before, what am I going to do now. On another note: Jerry Rice has signed a one day contract with the San Francisco 49ers so that he can retire with the team that he started with. No one probably cares about this more than my husband, who had to call and make sure I knew. For a moment there I thought he was going to shed tears of joy. His "boy" is coming back to his team, where he belongs. (like I really friggin care!)

Monday, August 28, 2006

Worth sharing?

I had this great post all written about this being my 200th post and how much my writing has changed and all the things I like and dislike about blogging. Then I deleted it all, because it comes down to one thing for me.
An outlet.
My blog is an outlet for my writing and thoughts. It's not about the number of people that visit. It's not about the number of comments I get. It's not about what people think of my template or life. It's about me and what I need my blog to be used for. I've ranted, I've exclaimed, I've shouted for joy, I've cried. Sometimes separately, sometimes all at once. It's great to get traffic, comments and returning visitors. For several months I was stressed and concerned that I wasn't getting any visitors. One morning I woke up and thought "what happened to the fun?" It was gone. I thought about how great it had felt to have a place to come, a place of my own. I decided that if I was going to keep this up, it had to be fun, it had to be relaxing. As soon as I made this my resolution, I got visitors, I got comments, and I got traffic.

Don't stay here.

I'm a terrible landlord. My "new" renter only has 3 days and 11 hours left here and I haven't even done an introduction for her yet. Go check out Land of Two, Under Two. I can not even imagine having children that close together. For her it is working out great. Go see her bad habits and find out how much she misses her daughter who is staying with the in-laws. I want lots of clicks, so I can show her how wonderful I truly am. You guys already know that though!! Don't you? guys.............hello?........okay, I'm just going to get back to work then.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Another first

So Kathryn is walking and I'm very excited and sad all at the same time. It's fun she is doing something new, but it means she is growing up. Don't get me wrong progression is a good thing, but does it have to happen so quickly? Tonight when I picked her up from daycare she started screaming. Not just a little whine either, I mean really screaming. She wanted to stay with Ms. A, not come home with her mommy. In a way it was kind of funny, but not when there are all these other parents there looking at me with these disapproving, glaring looks. I just know they were all wondering what I do to her when we're at home. Geez people, I don't beat her! I had to wrestle her away from Ms. A. who felt awful, but at least I know she is happy there. She must be if she doesn't want to come home with the person that brought her into this world. Oh, and she was sitting in her car seat picking her nose on the way home. Great, just great!

It's unfortunate

I'm sad to say that no one guessed correctly THE day that Kathryn would walk. However some of you were close. We'll be having another contest soon, so don't forget to play. The guesses are as follows: Trish July 31st CyberCelt July 31st Lisa July 31st Haley Aug 6th Carmen Aug 6th Astrocoz Aug 8th Dawn Aug 10th Frances Aug 20th Neurotic Mom Aug 26th

It finally happened

Kathryn has finally walked! I was beginning to think that it would never happen. Last night I came out of the bathroom and could hear John saying "okay, now walk" I turned into the living room and there she was standing in the middle of the floor and just took off! It was so wonderful to be here to see. Being a working mom, I'm always afraid I'm going to miss the things like this. Not only was I here, I got it on video!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I've been tagged, again!

I've been tagged by SOS (spawn of satan) from The Original Human Oddity for this meme. 5 weird things about me. 1. I still have a special blanket that I sleep with occasionally. I use it mostly when my husband is working nights or I feel insecure. No, I don't have to carry it around with me everywhere. My name is not Linus. 2. I hate mushrooms, with a passion. So much that if I get one in my mouth I will start gagging. 3. I can speak obish. A language made up by my uncles Bryan and Doug when they were in high school. 4. I love peanut butter, strawberry jam, cheese and banana sandwiches. yum! 5. I'm so normal that I can't think of another one. mmmm.... let's see...... oh, I know. I love that sun baked feeling when you get into your car after it's been sitting in the sun all day. It feels so relaxing. I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you want to participate leave a comment so I can come visit.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Not as much.

John's eye is looking better, but still really gross. He went back to work today and all the guys in the shop have been teasing him about spreading his fectious-ness. The doctor did say that he had to be really careful, because it spreads so easily. If he touches his eye, then touches the computer someone could pick it up within an hour or less. Poor guy, all night last night he would come to sit by me and I would mockingly jump back and say "ewww, I don't want all your pudding puss on me, get away!" I thought it was really funny, but he didn't. He turned pouting and said, "you make me feel like a leper." He was probably glad to be back at work today, because yesterday I kept calling and making sure he was washing his hands and not touching anything. I can't do that today.
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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

That is really sick!

John has pinkeye and it's really gross. Yesterday at lunch he was fine, I get home from work and it looked like someone had dumped blood into his eye with a bunch of vanilla pudding. Ewwww, it was so gross! It was oozing and spitting out this gunky stuff. His eyelashes kept getting stuck together. Ewww, ewwww, it was nasty. He went to the doctor this morning and got a RX for some prescription eye drops. I had to go and pick him up for the appointment, because he didn't know if he would be able to drive or not. He is also staying home today, which is good because he drives a truck around town for a living. Dr. B is so very nice. He knows that John is a bit of a worrier, so he was really good about explaining everything, how it should clear up in a few days and how to be careful and not spread it. He also showed him an easy way to put the drops in and gave him some tips on keeping it cleaned out. Thankfully the drops weren't too expensive and he said it feels like they are already working. I wanted to take a picture of his eye, but he wouldn't let me. "all you're going to do is put it on your blog to try and get more traffic" he told me. I wouldn't put it up for traffic, but I would put it up to gross everyone out!
~~ Don't forget to visit my renter Kel. She is only here for one more day and I need everyone to show her lots and lots of love, she really needs it, find out what a jerk the new doctor was to her and Cheif. ~~

Monday, August 21, 2006

Junk and Stuff

My MIL came to pick up Kathryn this morning and I never truly noticed how un-observant she is. Our living/dining room looks WAY different. The smaller couch is gone, the dining table has been moved, the corner is all set up for katy, the computer table is on the other side of the room. BIG difference. She kind of looked around like "hmmm, is something different here, or is it just me?" She didn't say anything though. Just stood there with a goofy look on her face. I was enjoying her confusion and discomfort so much that I didn't say anything either. I kept waiting, but she never did say anything about it, even though I could tell she wanted to. I love the woman to death, but man does it drive me crazy when she things like this. I think she was waiting for me to say something about it, so she wouldn't have to. Later today, she'll call John and ask him about it. Rather than just ask me when I'm standing right there in the house. I don't know if she thinks she's going to offend me, or if she thinks it's rude to ask. Maybe she thinks the house has been that way for a while and she'll look dumb if she says anything now.
John is going to keep his second job at Hollywood Video. He went in this morning to pick up his last paycheck and the manager begged him to stay. He will ONLY be working Friday nights though. If they don't stick to this agreement, then he will quit. This is in some ways a relief for both of us. He was worried about not bringing in any extra money and I was worried about my sanity. I've gotten used to having ME time every week. Even though 1 day a week, will only be about $100 a month, it's still a hundred bucks. It is also good because he was having mixed feelings about leaving. He really liked the job and the people, just not all the shifts and hours. He was getting so burned out and it wasn't worth it. One day a week is more than manageable and we will get to keep all the discounts and free rentals, which is also an added bonus since we are such movie buffs.
We got a new computer over the weekend. We have been saving for one forever and finally had enough to get it. We thought we would have to wait until next year, but I just couldn't wait any longer. Our other one was so slow and annoying. It wouldn't play some of our games, or it would freeze up in the middle of them and you would loose everything you had done. It was also a big pain to try and download music and watch videos. It would do it, but it took like 7 hours to get them all, because it was so slow. It wasn't our internet connection either, because that was fast, fast, fast. Anyway, I was trying to do some work stuff on it last week and I just couldn't handle it anymore! I needed my information and I needed it right now! When John came home I flat out told him, "We are getting a new computer this week, and they are having a sale. Want to come with me?" We ended up getting a killer deal through Circuit City, $300.00 in rebates! That's a lot of moola. The new one is so nice, I couldn't believe how fast stuff was loading. The only problem I've had is that there is so much stuff I don't know how to run it all or where to find it. I taught John how to run Quicken yesterday and he loves it. I've been wanting to buy the program for a while, but couldn't convince him of why we needed it. The computer came with it, and he is in love. When I showed him how to balance it, I thought he was going to cry tears of joy, because he HATES balancing the checkbook. Almost as much as I hate laundry, but not quite. I'm rambling on and not really going anywhere with this, so I will go do something productive now. Can't wait to get home on my lickety split computer and get it going. Also I haven't forgotten about the rest of my pictures, just a bit sidetracked with my new toy!
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Sunday, August 20, 2006

so very nice

Today was a great day. We did nothing! Nothing if you don't count rearranging furniture, making a play corner for kathryn, organizing and cleaning out the bookshelf, cleaning the kitchen and setting up the living room. So it was a really busy day, but very nice. It was a great weekend and we got some good family time in. John's happy, I'm happy, Kathryn's happy, and Fido's pissed as usual. We had to put up some baby gates today and Fido can't figure out how to get over them. She is either trapped in the kitchen, or trapped in the living room. Kitchen is okay, because Katy can't get to her, but she can't lay in the sun. Living room is good because of the sun, but bad because Katy can get to her. I had to lift her between the rooms several times, she was freaking out so bad. Don't understand how she can jump onto the counter or windowsill, but not over the gate. We went out and visited my grandma and aunt today. It was nice, they love seeing Katy and I took them some new photos. I also took them a DVD with video clips of us over the last year. Grandmas eat that kind of stuff up! Good Christmas and birthday presents. I think I'm going to get some shut eye. The boss is going to be gone Tuesday through Thursday so we have a lot to go over tomorrow in preparation for that.
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Saturday, August 19, 2006

The finished product

Here are the burp clothes and blanket as promised. My stitching wasn't the most perfect so my edges are not as round as I would have liked them to be. Nonetheless they turned out really cute.
Here is the blanket that my mom finished. Here edges were a lot more finished and smooth looking. We did the blanket with each side being different as you can probably see.
Don't know if you can tell or not, but my mom did a zigzag stitch and then a straight stitch to finish it off. It looks so cute and really nice. I love that fabric, and it's perfect for a boy or a girl.
Here is everything all wrapped up and ready to go. We also got her a couple of pairs of socks, becuase I just can't resist how cute and small they are!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Now what?

John hasn't called me once today. Something must be wrong, oh wait the phone just rang and it's him. Now I know how to get him to call, ha, ha. There are days when he will call me 10-15 times a DAY. I'm lucky I have a nice boss who isn't around very much. Sometimes I just don't answer, I let it go to voice mail. This drives him crazy, but him calling all day drives me crazy! My husband is a worrier (sp?) he worries about EVERYTHING. Money, family, friends, the weather, traffic, me, himself, kathryn, money, politics, what glen beck says, money, schedules, what to have for dinner, what to have for breakfast, if I'm going to make it to lunch or not, money. It drives me batty. The longer we are married the more I'm getting used to it and how to help him deal with it. Sometimes he just needs reminded that everything is okay and it's not really a problem. Sometimes he just needs a swift hard boot to the ass. Depends on the day I guess. Today he is worried about the weekend. He wants everything to be perfect and for it to just be us. He's worried that something is going to interfer and our weekend will be ruined. What if someone drops by and we're not excpecting them? What if we're late for the movie? What if Kathryn is still teething? What if she has a rough night again? What if we spend too much money and it cuts us short for the rest of the month? what if, what if, what if? My thought is "okay, what if?" We deal with it. Get over it, move on. I'm not a worrier, never have been. If it happens, it happens. Life goes on, things are fine. What baffles me this most is why he even thinks about this stuff. If we're late for the movie, we might not get that great of seats, or we might miss a few minutes of previews. If someone drops by, you tell them it's not a good time. If Kathryn's still teething, we deal with it and help her through it. None of these things are an issue to me. As far as the weekend being ruined well, you choose what kind of attitude and day you are going to have. You choose to let someone else or something "ruin" your day. If he would just take a few steps back sometimes it would help so much. His sister has been doing a stress/therapy program and when she's done we are going to borrow it from her. I hope it helps, because she seems to be doing better. If it can help her there is no doubt in my mind that it can help John and it certainly can't hurt.
~~ Go visit my renter Kel. She is having some struggles of her own with family. Send her husband some get well wishes. He's been having some bad pain problems. ~~

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Finally, some family photos!

I have been such a slacker about getting photos up. I'm going to do a week of pictures among my other posts so that I can be all caught up. I love sharing photos, if only blogger would cooperate all the time then I would be okay!
These are from the day I took Clarice, Kayleen and Bryden golfing. The little mini course we have here is so cool. It's surrounded by lots of trees so it's nice and shady and they are pretty inventive with the holes and stuff. This one is on the top of a bridge and you have to get it into the tube at the end. Once you get it through the tube, it goes flying down this slide to the green. I am standing on the bridge watching the kids and snapping a pic of Kayleen sinking her putt!
The next hole goes under the bridge and curves around. We had to play the hole with the slide twice, because it's everyone's favorite. They think it's the best to watch the ball go shooting down that slide. Their other favorite hole is the outhouse! We played this one three times. You hit your ball into the crapper and then it get spits out on the side above the green. I hate this hole, becuase it's hard to get your ball into one of the crapper holes. My ball kept getting stuck up in the corner, which the kids all thought was hilarious.
At the end, you hit your ball, up the ramp into the mini silo and it gets swallowed (returned.) Bryden wanted his ball back and he was trying to see where it went!
All of the cousins together. We had pictures done the last time the kids were here, but Clayton didn't come. Now we have one with ALL of them! Top row: Kyle holding Kaitlyn, Cameron, Clayton holding Kathryn. Bottom row: Clarice, Kayleen and Bryden.
Bryden and Clarice playing in the slip n' slide. They were more like lounging in the pool at the end. I think they were in there for about 5 hours one afternoon.
All the guys playing football out behind the house. They played all afternoon. It was hilarious to watch John, Rich and Rex play against Kyle, Cameron and Clayton. The boys are all in football again this year and they spanked their uncles and dad!
Kathryn sitting on her uncle Rex bouncing up and down. He always playes that game with her. What a good uncle.
Kathryn chillin' in Kaitlyn's car seat. Kyle put her in here and then she didn't want to get out. She thought it was a pretty sweet recliner.

It's a good one!

Today is a really good day. Not sure why, seeing as it has barely started. Just a hunch or premonition or something. I worked on my burp cloths and blanket last night with my mom. I'm such an awful seamstress, even with the pattern being SO easy, I was messing it up. My mom used to make all her own clothes and ours, she is very talented. I'm glad she was there to help me. I got 4 clothes done and 2 sides of the blanket, all in about 1 hour and 45 minutes. If I had an afternoon I could probably crank out a couple dozen cloths and maybe even a few blankets. I'll take a picture of everything tomorrow, after my mom has finished the blanket and we get them all ready to go. This week has gone by so quickly, it feels like it should be Tuesday, not Thursday. I'm glad it's going fast, but it's also one of those weeks when I feel I haven't gotten much done. John and I are spending this WHOLE weekend together. It's the first in about 6 weeks that we haven't had family, or friend, or work stuff going on. We probably will just sit at home and not do anything. At least we will be doing nothing together. ha ha.
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dum, da, dum, da, dum

(Insert booming drums and cheering here)
I know that most of you are already familiar and probably fans of Kel from Mama, Mama come here!, but you need to go and check her out anyway. Besides if you don't click on her, I won't get very good stats and if I don't get very good stats, I know where to come! ha ha Go check her out today. There has been a lot going on around her house, maybe you can help her decide what tatoo to get, or just give her a word of support and comfort. Kel, thanks for always being such an awesome blogging bud. You're one of my very most favorite bloggers. Thanks for staying with me, I'll try hard to make dinner every night and clean up a bit so you have a place to sleep.

It's alive!

I'm up and running. I have a NICE computer, new headset, all new office supplies, the works. My new boss is so freakin funny, but in a really dry way. Sometimes I don't catch the joke until later. I'm so blonde. My first project is to enter all his past clients into a new database system. No big deal, I've done it before. At least I will have something to do. I hate being bored! I can probably have it done by the end of the week, but I might make it stretch into next week. Got to work on my sewing project again tonight. I cut out the pieces last night, they are waiting to be sewn together. Once the burp cloths and blanket are done I'll post a picture of them. If any one is interested in the pattern, just leave me a comment and I'll e-mail it to you in a few days. It's super, super easy.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Numero Dos

Here I am day two at the new job. I have a desk now, but still no computer, that will be here this morning. Yesterday was kind of boring, just because there is not much I can do without a computer. Thankfully it went really fast though. The day was over before I knew it. Went home, mowed the lawn, had dinner, put Kathryn in the tub then bed, watched a movie. Then I got a very exciting message from one of my BFF who now lives in Cali, she just found out she's pregnant! I'm so excited for her. They have been trying for a while, so I'm glad they are going to have a little bean on the way. I didn't get her message until late, but I had to call her back right away, because I was so excited! It is just so awesome. I also have a baby shower to go to on Friday for another friend from high school. I've got to get cracking and make her a blanket and some flannel burp clothes. I have this really easy pattern and the clothes are the best. Better than anything you can buy. My grandma made me a bunch of them and they are just the best, I already said that though, didn't I? I'm starting to ramble, so it's probably a good time to get back to work. I hope things are all up and running today, I can hardly wait to really dig in and get started.
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Monday, August 14, 2006

Here I am and It's for sure a Monday

My new job is underway, so far so good. I don't have my own desk yet, or my own computer, but I'm here and I'm getting paid. That's the important part right? I'm glad that I'll get to keep my old office space, old phone number and old extension. Now I won't have to worry too much about new business cards. yippee. It's kind of odd being here, having my old boss just down the hallway, but not having to talk to him or anything. I mean I said hi and asked how things were going, but it feels really weird to not have to check in with him and see what needs to be done. It's also odd to see my office totally empty. After having all that stuff in there for a year it feels like I'm starting all over again, almost as if I've never been here before. I guess I better get back to work, since hopefully the new boss will be back soon with a desk and a computer and all that other good stuff. Hope everyone out there is having a fabulous Monday and that things are going smoothly in your neck of the woods.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

A few weeks ago, I was outside on the patio, getting the BBQ going and Katy was playing around her little pool. She wouldn't get in it, she just wanted to sit on the side and play with her ducks and get all dirty. I brought the camera out, so I could show John how dirty she was.
Next thing I know there is a big splash and I see this! She had decided to get into her pool after all. With all her clothes on. Too priceless to not take a picture of.
Then she decides it might be better to be outside of the pool. It is a bit chilly in there, seeing as I had just filled it back up for her.
Now we are going to get back in the pool. Now we are going to be half in and half out! She did this until John came home, and put her in the bathtub. She was filthy, but at least she was having a good time.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

First Things First

Okay, I really am back this time I just can't guarantee for how long. Katy started acting sick today and John came home from his last shift EVER at the second job saying he didn't feel so well. I'm finally feeling better, but now everyone else is getting sick. YUCK! I don't want to overload Blogger too bad, so I'm going to break these up a bit. First a few stories that don't have pictures.
Today in WalMart a tall skinny guy walked past us in a yellow ball cap. Katy started yelling "dadda, dadda" Her dad always wears a ball cap and has one she likes to play with that's yellow. Oh and he's tall and skinny. Glad she know's who her daddy is.
Fido threw up all over the floor today and Katy got to it before I did. She started pointing and jabbering at it then got a really serious look on her face and said something that sounded a lot like, "ewwwww"
A few weeks ago, I was sitting in my car, had just opened the garage door and started my car. Out of no where this white something comes flying up onto the hood of the car, over the windshield, the top of he car and over the back window. It scared me SO bad, I screamed which scared Katy who started crying. It was the neighbor's stupid cat, but it took me several minutes to realize that! Stupid animals.
Katy was supposed to be going to sleep a few days ago and I could kind of see her through the crack in the door. We live in a really old house and it's kind of creeky and squeaky at night. I have a very overactive imagination and have creaped myself out on numerous occasions. John was at work and I had paused to listen and see if she had gone to sleep. Just then, she reached through the bars of her crib and rattled the doorknob. I about flew through the roof. I thought someone else was in the house. It scared me so bad I ran into the kitchen and grabbed my air gun and was going to sneak up on them from the other side of the house. Sneaking through the bathroom on the other side, I saw my beautiful daughter sitting there wiggling the doorknob in earnest, trying to free herself.
I think that's enough embarrassing stories for now. No wonder my family calls me the queen of gullible. I will believe any thing I see or hear! Pictures to come shortly over the next day. I'm taking my last day off to get caught up on everything I wanted to do this week, but didn't get finished. I'll post pictures and some more stories in between.
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Friday, August 11, 2006

Just Kidding

So I only thought I was back. I'm sicker than sick. In fact I can't remember the last time I was this sick. I have no voice and trying to answer the phone is a complete joke. I think John keeps calling me just so he can laugh at me. :( I'm trying to get caught up on a few things around the house as best I can and also get caught up on some blogging things. I have a ton of photos that I've been saving up for a while now, but just haven't posted them. I also have some stories to write, some of them several weeks old, but just haven't found the time. John has been so great this week. Taking Katy to daycare, picking her up. Making dinner, picking up a bit, even changing all the diapers. I'm grateful for such a great guy, don't know what I'd do without him.
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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Oh my gosh, I feel like I've been gone forever. I need to make the rounds and check up on everyone. I'm so glad that it's Wednesday and all the family has gone back home. Don't get me wrong, I love my family more than anything, but sometimes! Here's a recap of the last couple of days and ALL the things that we did. Now you will know why I'm glad they're back home and why I'm so exhuasted. THURSDAY: Rich and the kids get here, we go up and see all of them. We end up bringing four of the five home with us to spend the night. We stayed up WAY too late, but it was really fun. FRIDAY: I had to volunteer at the daycare, so I took Kayleen with me and left the boys at the house for a few hours. After I was done we met up with everyone (MIL, SIL, John and Rich) for lunch. I went back up to MIL house to spend some time with the kids. It was a fun day. When John got off work he came up and we played some volleyball and other games. SATURDAY: John and I parted ways. I spent the day with my mom, dad and sis. We went to a cousins wedding a couple of hours away. Let me make a small correction. We drove 2 1/2 hours were there for just over an hour and then drove another 2 1/2 hours back! It was a long drive and Kathryn wasn't being her best. She would not fall asleep, she kept fighting it the whole way. John spent the day with his family. They played a lot of games and went to a children's rodeo. The kids actually got to be in it! He said it was pretty fun to watch and he had a good time. John spent the night at his parents house, which kind of made me angry. He had told me he would be coming home to spend the night with us. Whatever, I stayed at my parents house, since he wasn't home. SUNDAY: I woke up not feeling so good. I had felt kind of groggy the night before, but thought it was just because of the late nights. I spent the morning with my mom, it was her birthday. I left Kathryn with my parents and went up to spend the afternoon with John's family. We played volleyball and the guys played a couple of games of football. We had dinner together. Kyle and Kayleen wanted to spend the night again, so we brought them home with us. MONDAY: Melissa dropped Kaitlyn off at my house, so she could spend the day with everyone. MIL has Monday's off, so she usually watches the kids that day. We headed up to the house. Rich took the boys golfing, so I took the little ones (Bryden, Clarice and Kayleen) mini golfing. MIL watched the babies. We also had to go pick some things up at the store for dinner. After golfing and the store, I went back and made lunch for everyone, and played with the little ones some more. John and Melissa both came up after work and we played a couple of board games. Then Cameron and Clarice wanted to spend the night at Melissa's, but she had to work the next day. So I stupidly opened my mouth and said she could drop the kids off to me before she went to work. BTW - I was still not feeling so hot today, but thankfully did get a bit of a nap in. TUESDAY: I woke up feeling like I'd been hit by a mac truck! Melissa drops the kids off and they want breakfast, so I get something for them. Rich is supposed to come get the kids on his way back home. I was expecting him by about 10 a.m. John stops by and I'm so exhausted that I have him take Kathryn to daycare. I also ask him to call Rich and find out how long he's going to be. He says a couple of hours. Cameron is really good and can tell I don't feel so great. He tries to keep Clarice out of my hair, but she's four and it doesn't work so well. Rich finally shows up about 11:30. I sleep for the majority of the day once they are gone. I slept too much though, because I can't fall asleep that night. When I do finally crash, it's only for a few hours. I end up falling back asleep in the recliner watching Forrest Gump in the living room. WEDNESDAY (today): I get up and feel even worse than yesterday. I take Kathryn to daycare and come back home to rest. I don't really want to sleep, because I want to sleep tonight. So here I am blogging and trying to get caught up on some computer stuff! I hope you all had awesome weekends. The weekend itself wasn't too bad, just long and somewhat tiring. There were some things that happened that John and I just were talking about today, but it's all a rant, so I don't think I'll write about it. In fact I think I'm going to go lay down, I'm starting to feel a bit dizzy from the cold medicine.
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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Party up in here!

John's oldest brother is here for an extended weekend. We have 4 of the 5 kids at our house tonight. It's a bit crazy, it's a bit loud, it's a bit chaotic, it's tons of fun! We're just having a big ol' video game bash/sleepover. We don't have any extra beds, technically, but the kids always want to stay over. We pull some mattresses out of the storage room, get some sleeping bags and blankets and make a go of it. What always surprises me is that the kids don't want to stay at anyone else's house, just ours. I don't know if I should be flattered or not. I'm taking it as a compliment. It will be a nice fun weekend. We are doing family stuff all day tomorrow and I will have the kids since John has to work. Then Saturday I'm going to a wedding reception a couple of towns over with my mom and sister. Sunday is my mom's birthday, so we'll stop in for a few minutes, but that day is going to be with John's family. Then Monday I will also spend with his family. Nothing better to do since I'm not working and his brother and the kids aren't going back until Tuesday.
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Stuff, Stuff and more Stuff

I'm not going to do a Thursday Thirteen today. In fact I might not do one for a couple of weeks. It's just too much work and I can't think of anything. It's odd how when I'm at work I can think of a bazillion things to write about, but it's hard to find the time. Now that I've been home all day, I can't think of anything to write. It has been a long week. I'm not really the type of person that can stay home all day. I get so bored and no matter how much I do, I just feel like I haven't accomplished anything. I love being home with Kathryn and would like to do it more. I just don't know if I could do it every single day. Yesterday I cleaned, vacuumed, dusted, did laundry, cleaned out the fridge, and ran some more errands. This was all done by about 2 p.m. What do you do after all that? It really doesn't leave much. Oh I also cleaned off the back patio, and did a full fledged BBQ for dinner.
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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Still Waiting

My new job doesn't start until the 14th, so I have a few days to fill. Today I ran errands, got a new social security card, and had lunch with my mom. There are a lot of places that are only open 8-5 and since I work 8-5 it's hard to get there. I took Katy to daycare so I could get everything done and not worry about interrupting her nap schedule. Besides she probably would have been pretty bored with errands all day. Tomorrow and Thursday I'm keeping her home with me to have Mommy and Boddler time. It should be fun, we'll probably go to the park and maybe even the zoo. My goal is to get ALL my scrapbooking stuff organized and put away before I start my new job. I'll let you know how that goes!
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