Monday, July 31, 2006

Please Welcome

Kailani from The Pink Diary. Some of you are probably already familiar with this funny lady and her blog. I'm a frequent visitor for Thursday Thirteen and Battle of the Blogs. I love her layout, because I really like pink, I just can't look at it on my own blog! Go check her out and while you're there see if you can help her find an extra "lovey" for her little girl from Target. The hunt is on, maybe you can help!

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Kathryn ran a fever all day yesterday, was miserable and very clingy. Gave her a couple of cool baths, some Tylenol and several naps. Had a really hard time getting her to bed last night, but she finally crashed. This morning she got up and the fever is totally gone and she's happy as can be. My child is some sort of a mutant, that is one of the oddest things I've ever seen. Back to the title of this post. My MIL took us out for a Chinese lunch today. I know sometimes she even surprises me. Just kidding, she is great for the most part and it was really nice of her to do. Here are our fortunes. Mine ~ you will soon have the opportunity to improve your finances. Johns ~ you are a practical person with your feet on the ground. Kathryn ~ you are a beautiful child who will cause no trouble during your teenage years. Okay, okay, Kathryn's didn't really say that. I can't find hers now, it said something about creative ideas, but I thought this one was better. So I'm going to become rich and John is practical. First off being rich, I just don't know about that. Second, my husband is NOT a practical person. Never has been, never will be.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Today should be a Monday

Kathryn has diarrhea again this morning, she woke up much earlier than usual and it was so bad that I just put her in the shower with me. When we got out she was crying and shivering so I wrapped her up in a blanket and laid her on our bed. She was asleep within 2 minutes. I'm getting kind of frustrated because I don't know what keeps causing this. I talked to Miss L. (our childcare gal) and asked if she ate anything out of the norm yesterday. The only thing she could come up with is Macaroni and Cheese, which has milk in it and Katy is lactose-intolerant. The other thing she had was grapes. I'm thinking it was the Mac and Cheese, but Miss A. (the other lady) seemed convinced that it was the grapes she had for snack. I just love it when someone else knows more about your child than you do! The week before last when she got really bad diarrhea it was after having some yogurt that my FIL gave her, also milk in it. I'm seeing some sort of a connection, I think. Seriously though I'm baffled as to what it could be. She has no fever, no running nose, no coughing, no other symptoms whatsoever. What the heck is causing this? John and I also got into a fight this morning over something stupid. I hate fighting period, but I really hate fighting about dumb stuff. He says that this morning when the Boddler (my new term for Katy) started crying he was trying to coax me out of bed to go get her. (I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON, I CLAIM NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE THINGS I SAY WHEN FIRST WOKEN UP!) That being said let me proceed. Where was I? Oh yes, he was trying to get my butt out of bed. Apparently I rolled over and told him "stop being such a jackass, if you're so worried about it, you go check on her" promptly rolled back over and went back to sleep. WTH - I don't remember ANY of this. He gets up and I'm in the shower with Kathryn trying to get her cleaned up and get my hair washed. He proceeds on this 10 minute rant about how I ruined his morning and how I don't need to be so snappy with him and how he has to work two jobs and how he's more tired than he is and how he has more responsibilities than I do and how it's harder for him being a guy and how he's sex deprived and how on and on and on and on! My response was (remember that I don't know/remember what I did to him) "get over it you big baby, everyone has to do things they don't want to do. Grow up about it! By the way, did you get on the wrong side of the bed this morning or what?" Well apparently that was not the correct thing to say! It all went downhill from there. The fight ended with me screaming "I don't know what I've done to you so get the heck off it!" He then explained to me what had happened. Well, geez buddy. It sure would have been nice to know this before you started yelling at me about every little thing. "Excuse me for not remembering what I said in MY SLEEP!" All this before 8:30 this morning. Yeah my day is starting off just lovely. How about yours?
~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE ~~~~~~~~~~
John and I are fine, we've had a fairly good talk and made peace. Kathryn had to come home early today from daycare. She was running a temp of 102, so I don't think it's a food allergy thing. She is asleep right now. I've been pushing liquids and naps. She came home about 1 pm today. Poor thing, you can just tell she feels miserable.
~~~Thanks to all who guessed when Kathryn will be walking. I'll be posting the results of that later today ~~~

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sticky ~ Guesses anyone? ~ Sticky

Don't forget to guess when Kathryn will walk on her own. There will be some type of a prize, not sure what yet, but there will be one. In fact leave suggestions for the prize along with your guesses. Guessing will end Thursday July 27 at midnight. Also please leave an actual date, not something like 2 weeks, or 10 days. I need dates, k thanks!
Everyone Have a Great Rest of Your Day!

Oh the humanity of it all.

Remember how my husband was off of work last week and I was supposed to be off with him? Maybe not, I can't remember if I wrote about it. Anywho, my husband had last week off and I was supposed to be with him. In light of the current job situation and my old boss being a putz, I didn't get that week off. I just found out today that I will officially be done on the 31st of July. I'm not supposed to start my new job until the 15th of August. So guess who gets to stay home for almost 2 weeks and do nothing? ME, all by my freakin' self while my husband is at work. This whole summer vacation thing sucks! The worst part is that originally I was supposed to get PAID for that week off. Now I get nothing, just the pleasure of being home! Woopee freakin' doo!
~Don't forget to visit my renter, she is only here until tomorrow morning.~

Thursday Thirteen #11

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Thirteen things that have happened, been done or realized in the past week. 1. I have a new job! yippee 2. I start this new job in 14 days 3. I would like to have those 14 days at home by myself 4. This is not feasable as I need to stay at the current job as long as possible 5. If I don't stay, I will not have as much money and that is never a good thing 6. I have slept better the past 5 days then I have the past 5 weeks 7. Except for last night, because my wacko cat Fido felt she needed to sleep on my head, chest or throat all night. I never woke fully enough to push her off, I just kept waking up and adjusting her! 8. My baby took her first steps (don't forget to guess on what day she will walk on her own) 9. John is back to work this week and Kathryn has been a handful at daycare and home. I think she got too much spoiling last week with dad at home. 10. I had to clean out my fridge and found something really gross that was so hairy I'm not sure what it used to be 11. I got a new rubbermaid drawer/storage thing on wheels so I can finally finish organizing my scrappin stuff and it will be out of the way 12. Found out we have conflicting schedules next weekend. John commited us to go to something with his family, while I commited him to do something with my family. We have yet to resolve the issue. I will win however, because a wedding reception is more important than a picnic! 13. I was comparing pictures yesterday of when we first got engaged to a recent photo and have decided that I could not fit into my wedding dress. Not that I want to, but if I did I'm convinced it wouldn't fit. 14. bonus: I need to be more strict with my diet and exercise. Links to other Thirteeners. Please only link if you have a current Thursday Thirteen post. NO COMMENTS NECCESARY, thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

I have been meaning to do this for a while and for some reason it just keeps getting pushed farther and farther back. I need to extend a very wonderful and generous thank you to Jane loves Tarzan. I stumbled across her blog one day on BE and she was giving away books for FREE. I'm an avid reader and would never pass this up, but wondered what the catch was. There was no catch. She had a bunch of books that she was done with and graciously decided to pass them along. She even paid the shipping. I got my package about 2 weeks ago and have since devoured 2 of them and am about 1/2 way through the third. Thanks again Jane loves Tarzan, what a wonderfully delicious thing to do. Especially because I'd never been to your blog and have only been back once or twice since!

Yandy Candy

Go check out Yandy, they have some yummy, yummy items at really great prices. Bug at An Indian Summer is doing the upcoming Blogathon and this wonderful company has agreed to donate $15.00 for each post that gives a review. What a great and generous thing for them to do. All the money is going to the American Cancer Society. This is something that is very near and dear to my heart. We just lost my great grandmother to cancer this spring. Back to the actual review. Yandy has great prices, styles and selection. I sometimes have a hard time finding lingerie, because of my large bust, but not a problem here folks! They've got something for everybody! Go check them out, for yourself, for your man, for a great cause. I really love their mesh halter wrap dress, it's sexy and really pretty. They have many other great finds and I think for John's birthday we will be hitting this site and getting something for the both of us. Go check em' out you know you wanna!
~ Don't forget to visit my renter. Maybe she would like to buy something from Yandy!~

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Why do some people women and men alike, feel they need to bathe in their chosen JC Penney perfume counter scent? I have a terrible sensitivity to some perfumes and have to be careful about what I wear myself. More often than not I just go without. I am now sharing office space and the chick across the hall is smelling strong, strong, strong. She is super nice and I really like her. How do I tactfully say "your stank of roses or whatever the hell it is, gives me a headache. Could you tone it down a bit?"

Relief Finally

yiiiiiiiiiipppppppeeeeeee! Woooooooooohhhoooooooooo! I have a job! na, na, na, na, na, gonna have a good time! I start my job on the 15th of August. The best thing is that I'm in the same office, doing the same thing, just for someone else. Getting paid the same thing, but with bonuses starting in January. Woot, woot! I'm so relieved, John is so relieved, our families are so relieved. All it good and right in the world. I was never worried about it anyway, I always knew I would find something. YEAH RIGHT. I was terrified that I wasn't going to be able to find something, after all I only had 7 days left. I was having nightmares that we would have to give Kathryn to my parents because we wouldn't be able to take care of her. I was losing major sleep! Last night I slept like a exhausted new mom who for the first time had her mother take the baby so she could sleep! It was pure joy! Now we won't have to sell our house and live in that nice one bedroom cardboard box that just came available in the back alley last week. Excuse me while I go do the mega dance of joy, I'll be back later.
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Monday, July 24, 2006

First Steps Woot! Woot!

Kathryn took her first independant step on Sunday afternoon right into my arms! It was so cute, I just melted all over my moms living room floor. I love being a mom, each new stage brings exciting new things and changes. It seems like daily she does things that I don't remember her doing the day before. We're taking bets on when she will be walking on her own. Mine is August 10th, and John says August 5th. Anyone else want to take a guess? There will be a prize of some kind, but I'm still figuring out that part. BTW - on her own means across the room without holding onto ANYTHING. Right now she will walk across the room holding onto BOTH of my hands, or holding on to her walker/pusher thing, but as soon as you let go she will sit down.
~~ Don't forget to check out my renter. She has a cute post about what her daughter calls her dad that cracked me up! ~~

Swim, Baby, Swim

Saturday we went to this really great place with my mom to swim. It is like a natural hot springs place, but it's indoors. It's warm, but not too warm and I love that we don't have to worry about sunscreen. Kathryn is such a water baby, she loved it. She wasn't very fond of her floating boat, which is good because we accidentally left it there. All she wanted to do was go from me, to dad, to grandma. It was really fun to watch her. We were in the pool for 2 hours, I didn't think she would last that long. These little kids were jumping off the side of the pool and she wanted to do it too. There is about a one foot drop into the water and she's not standing on her own yet. So we improvised and instead I would just sit her up on the wall. She would put her little hands out and just fall in, face first! That child has no fear. I wish I was more like that, I'm such a chicken about things. By the way - since she is one now, she's not really a baby any more right? So what do I call her, because she's not really a toddler either. Boddler, Toddly, or maybe Taby? What do you think?

Time for some Meme fun

I was tagged by Dawn and now I pass the fun along to you! In the spirit of the old chain letter traditions, follow these instructions: INSTRUCTIONS: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so. 1) Micerridwen 2) In Our House 3) Rose DesRochers 4) So a Blonde Walks Into a Blog 5) Have a Great Rest of Your Day Next select five people to tag: 1) Carmen 2) Lisa 3) Astrocoz 4) Trish 5) Kel (I can't remember all who will do these and who won't, so if you don't wanna, don't worry about it!) What were you doing 10 years ago? I was running around in a bathing suit having the summer fun of an 11 year old. What were you doing 1 year ago? Trying to recover from having a baby and getting ready to go back to work after 5 weeks of maternity leave. Five snacks you enjoy: 1) Cheese - mild cheddar 2) Oreo cookies, but only with skim milk 3) yogurt 4) club crackers - prefferably the whole grain kind 5) Iced coffee from Jill's Java Five songs to which you know all the lyrics: 1) Help - The Beatles 2) Let me Fall - Josh Groban 3) Seasons of love - R.E.N.T soundtrack 4) Broken Road (I think that's what it's called) - Rascal Flatts 5) Elephant love medley - Moulin Rouge soundtrack Five things you would do if you were a millionaire: 1) Payoff my debt 2) Payoff my sisters, moms, and other family debts 3) Have my husband be a stay at home dad 4) Give my Grandma enough money that she wouldn't have to work anymore 5) Donate to the Alzheimers and Cancer society's Five bad habits: 1) Being Snarky 2) Blogging (I don't know if this is bad, but I sure do spend a lot of time doing it!) 3) Biting my fingernails 4) Forgetting to put the clothes in the dryer 5) Wasting time,when I could be doing something productive Five things you like doing: 1) Spending time with my family 2) Scrapbooking 3) Playing Animal Crossing on my DS 4) Taking naps 5) Shopping for a bargain Five things you would never wear again: 1) My hair in a side ponytail 2) headgear (in public) 3) jammer pants 4) Glasses that take up my entire face 5) Glitter gel eye shadow Five favorite toys: 1) My husband 2) Nintendo DS 3) Home Computer 4) Scrappin' supplies 5) Cell Phone

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks - Summer Theme

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Don't forget about this week's carnival. The theme is Summer and there are many great entries! (Click the picture to take you to chick land)

Friday, July 21, 2006


I couldn't decide which thing I liked the most or what specific item of summer to write about. Instead of focusing on just one I'm making a list of all my favorite things or events that happen during the summer. ~ 4th of July - my fave holiday ~ BBQ's - especially chicken ~ swimming in the lake ~ playing in the sprinklers with the kids ~ visiting family ~ having family visit ~ warm summer nights - or more recently really hot nights! ~ the sound of children's laughter as they play in the neighborhood ~ sleepovers with the nieces and nephews ~ kathryn having sleepovers with Grandma and Grandpa ~ bicycle rides at the end of the day ~ walks when the sun is going down ~ buying fireworks and putting on our own little show ~ seeing the parade (even though we didn't go this year) ~ flying kites There are many, many more things and lots that I could go into detail on, but I won't. This post is going to be short and simple, just like summer is here! ~~ While you're here, don't forget about my renter Neurotic Mom. Maybe she has something to say on the subject. ~~

There's nothing to do!

I'm so bored today. Don't tell my mom though, or she'll find me something to do. :) Friday's are usually really busy, but there is just nothing going on. I've been blog surfing, playing on Battle of the Blogs and just in general screwing around. My interview that was supposed to happen at 1 p.m. today got pushed to 4:30 instead. Now I have three more hours of being nervous to endure! Finger and toes are all crossed. If you're bored too, go check out my renter. She's got a cute story up today about her daughter!

I can't find my air matress!

Boy I hope my new tenant doesn't mind sleeping on the floor, because I'm a bit unprepared for a guest. I'd like you all to click on over to Neurotic Mom and give her a shout out, tell her Great Day sent ya'. I swear that I will be the best landlord I can be, that I will direct many clicks her way and that I will go grocery shopping tonight so she has something to eat! Now my faithful minions, go, go and click on my new guest, cause you know you want to!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

When the Mommy's away..........

There is a lot that goes on while I'm at work all day, especially when John is home with Kathryn. Here are some of my findings based upon thee scene when I got home today: ~ Kathryn on only 2 hours of sleep ALL day is not a pretty thing ~ John doesn't handle poop very well (I already knew this, but I've been reminded of it) ~ Fido can only handle so much of being chased. That poor cat is used to having the house to herself and will be really glad that Kathryn is back at daycare tomorrow! ~ John can only handle so many baby demands. He is also glad she will be back at daycare tomorrow. ~ John is really inventive and because the laundry still needs to be done he has used every surface in our house to hang things on. Since we are waiting until tomorrow for our dryer part. Some other things that happened today: ~ Kathryn ate a rock ~ John fell asleep when Kathryn did (if you knew him this would be weird to you too, John is not a napper) ~ Kathryn ate fruit loops off the carpet because John didn't want to clean her highchair tray. ~~~~~~~~~~ In other news. ~ I am still needing a job by the first of August. Because my current boss has yet to secure office space I thought that would give me a bit more time to find a new boss. Not true ~ I got to drive my current boss's BMW. It is not all he said it is. In fact I would never, ever buy one. They are too expensive! That's all that has happened in my sorry existence today. Oh yeah, I did screw around a lot on Blog Explosion today and I've finally decided to rent out my own blog. I've also secured a few spots as other people's tenants. I'm totally stoked about it!

Thursday Thirteen #10

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Thirteen POSITIVE things that have happened in the past week. Since things haven't been going so well in my neck of the woods, I thought I'd try and send myself some good karma! 1.) I won my first battle of the blogs 2.) and I didn't think I would come even close! 3.) getting to see my sisters new puppies. What could be better than new puppies? 4.) getting to visit my sister 5.) staying up until 5 a.m. with my sister. Even though it took me 3 days to catch up on my sleep, it was still great! 6.) I have another job interview tomorrow 7.) I have a second interview with a company on Monday, (I didn't think I would be getting a call back) 8.) Coming home to a clean house. My wonderful husband had done laundry, vacuumed and cleaned the kitchen 9.) Seeing my hubby and daughter get to have lots of alone time. It's been good for both of them. 10.) Finding out that my dryer only needed a $10.00 part, instead of having to be completely replaced. 11.) getting to watch Final Destination 3 ~ even though the second one was WAY better. (there was a couple of cool death scenes though. Not that death is cool, just that they die in the most inventive and horrific ways) 12.) getting pictures back of all the nieces and nephews that were taken last month. They are so cute! 13.) finally not feeling QUITE as stressed, because something and everything is going to work out! right? Links to other Thursday Thirteeners. Please link only if you have a current TT post. NO COMMENTS NECESSARY, just glad you stopped by!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

There's always something

Our dryer broke last night right in the middle of washing sheets. Kathryn has had diarrhea and because of that went through 3 sets of sheet in one day. I used to have about 6 sets of sheets, but their was someone else that had a new baby and only had one set. Seeing as we were beyond that "change the sheets everyday" stage, I gave some of them away. Anywho, there were no dry sheets to be had for her bed because the dryer died. It will still run, but it doesn't put out any heat! The real kicker is that I think my husband broke it. I love that he will help with laundry and I'm not complaining at all, it's just that he doesn't do it very often. Because of that he thought it would save time by drying ALL the sheets and blankets at once. The dryer was SO full that nothing was getting dry, but I think he also overloaded something and that's why there is no heat. I didn't say anything because he already felt bad enough, I just hope that we can get it fixed and that it's not a $200.00 part or more. I hope it's a nice quick fix! I'm also really glad that we have family close that can help us out. John's dad will be coming to take a look at it for us sometime today. John isn't really a handy sort of guy, so it's nice that his dad is close and knows what he is doing. ~UPDATE~ we only need a $12.00 part. The bad thing is they won't have any in until Friday, the good thing is..... well..... I'm only out $12 bucks! Woot! Woot!


1.) I have a headset at work 2.) people frequently start talking to me, not realizing I'm on the phone 3.) people frequently walk past my desk and think I'm talking to them, when really I'm on the phone. (this story would not make sense if you didn't know these three very important facts) Yesterday I was talking on the phone to John, who is at home with Kathryn. Suddenly she put something in her mouth that shouldn't be. John starts freaking out and he's telling her to spit it out, she starts to crawl away from him. Panicked that she is going to choke he asks me "what do I do?" Just as I start to reply the "new guy" walks past my desk and I blurt out "TELL HER TO GIVE IT TO YOU!" He stopped dead in his tracks, turns bright red and says "what did you just say?" I was so embarrased, I quickly explained to him that I'm on the phone. He walks around the corner and I bust up laughing and tell John what I just did. He thought it was pretty funny too and was teasing me about being racy at the office. This morning the "new guy" starts to walk past my desk, turns slightly red and says "before I walk past, are you on the phone?"

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What's a girl to do?

I have another job interview today with a title company. I'm also supposed to hear back from Ms. W. and if she is ready for a full time person or not. I'm kind of hoping that the title company one works out, because it would be more money. I could always use some more cash, but more money isn't always worth it. I guess the only answer is to wait and see what happens with each company ie: how soon I can start, pay, benefits and so on. John and Kathryn are home this week together and I originally was going to be home with them. However because I'm having the rug pulled out from underneath me, I'm working and trying to find a new job instead. When I got home last night and he was telling me all the cute things that she had done and how much fun they had, I just lost it. There has been so much stress building up and so much frustration that I can't be home with them this week, it just all came flooding out. I was washing dishes one second and the next I was adding tears to the dish water. John felt really bad and he said I should just call in sick on Friday, forget about what they want and have a nice three day weekend. I'm half way tempted to do that, but I feel bad because for the most part these guys have been really good to work for. I don't want to be a complete bitch about it. I need the good reference from them, plus I need that last full paycheck. I've been praying and crossing my fingers trying to send myself good energy and thoughts. So far it's been a good day, I just hope it gets better and I have something to look forward to.

Monday, July 17, 2006

I'M. SO. TIRED!........

I'm exhausted, I mean really, really, really exhausted. If this weekend had taken place 4 years ago, I would not be tired, I would be on a high (and not from drugs.) Here's what went down and why it would be different if it was 4 years ago. ~I went to Logan to see my sister and have a weekend getaway ~John took Kathryn to a family reunion, so I was child and husband free ~Friday night, Cassi and I stayed up until 5 a.m. and got up at 11 a.m. Saturday equaling 6 hours of sleep. Now normally 6 hours would be fine, but I didn't sleep well, I slept like crap. ~Saturday I think it was about 2 a.m. when we went to bed, but I couldn't fall asleep for several more hours . The last time I looked at the clock it was almost 4 a.m. I woke up about 7 didn't fall back asleep till 8 and woke up at 11:30 or so. Let's see, that's ummmm about another 6 hours, but again I didn't sleep well. ~Sunday I left at 1:30 and got home a couple of hours later. John got home right after me and I was so happy to see both of my babies! Kathryn was so cute when she saw me, it just melted my heart. Being tired was worth it, because we had so much fun. We went shopping, I bought my poor college town sis a new outfit, which she looks adorable in, but silly me forgot to take a picture of. We went bowling and I found out how truly terrible of a bowler my sister is! I'm sure she wants all of cyber land to know how bad she is! Her ending score of our second game was 24, I think. Truly terrible and I think she holds the record for most gutter balls in a row. We also went up on the USU campus and had Aggie ice cream, which was wonderful, but I couldn't finish all of mine, so she helped me out a bit. As you all know, I'm not a big ice cream person, but John said we HAD to go have some, so we did. We also went and drove around a bit, so I could get somewhat familiar with the town for the next time I come back. We ended Saturday night with a trip to Olive Garden, which we don't have in my home town. We also ran a few errands, held and took some pictures of their 10 day old puppies and talked, talked, talked! It was a great trip and I'm so glad that I got to go. Now John wants to try and make it back down there in a few weeks, if I get a job. I'm lucky and grateful that I could go this time. Anyway, I'm getting way off subject and here's how the weekend would have been different and why. ~Friday - would have stayed up until 5 a.m. still got up at 11 a.m. and had a fun day, but I would have slept great because I had a great stable job at that time. ~Saturday - would have still stayed up late, but because neither one of us would be married, we would have talked instead of watching a movie with James (my sis's hubby) Again would have slept great, this time because not only do I have a job, but I wouldn't have been freaking out that I couldn't get ahold of my husband. I was really worried about it! ~Sunday - would have slept later, maybe most of the day instead of doing laundry and cleaning out the bags from my trip and from the reunion. In fact I probably would have stayed one more night, stayed up way too late and driven home Monday morning just in time for work. OR - I would have come home that afternoon and and slept the rest of the day in my own bed. It was a wonderful trip though and I didn't realized how fast I can get down their. It's because I'm a crazy driver, but now I will make the trip more often. My mom always made it sound like a 4 hour drive, when really it's more like 2 to 2 1/2. I was sad to have to leave, but it was so great having un-interrupted girl time!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #9

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Thirteen questions that have crossed my mind this week, some of them more than once! 1. Why is it that when John and I argue I always feel like such scum, even if he is the one being rude? 2. Why has Kathryn gotten so many viruses, ie. chicken pox, rosiola, now a viral stomach bug 3. Why does my cat act like a dog? I guess that's why we named her Fido. 4. Why are my in-laws such a pain in the butt sometimes? Why can't they take no for an answer? 5. Why is it that as soon as I sit down and open my new book, that I've been dying to read, everyone in my house suddenly needs me? 6. Why is it that I can never go to the bathroom in peace? 7. Why do people think it's okay to tell you, I'll let you know by Tuesday, yet it's now Thursday and you still haven't heard from them. What happened to common courtesy? 8. Why haven't I found a job yet? I've been very qualified for everything I've applied for. 9. Why does my grandmother love to plan stuff and then forget to invite my family? 10. Why can't we just all get along? 11. What is wrong with my garage opener? Why does it only open half the way and then stop? 12. What am I going to do if I don't find a new job soon? 13. What was I thinking when I said "I do"? and a bonus, because it has been such a crazy week! 14. Why am I wasting my time writing a Thursday Thirteen when I should be looking for a new job? Links to other Thursday Thirteeners. Please only link if you have a CURRENT Thursday Thirteen post. NO COMMENTS NECESSARY, thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Kathryn's new favorite word is NO. Not only is she saying it to herself, she's saying it to everyone else! Last night I was laying on the couch with my head in John's lap when she see us from across the room, makes a rush for us, the whole while saying "no, no." As soon as she gets to us she is pushing on John and trying to get him away from me. I turn my head and say to her "daddy can touch mommy, it's okay, deal with it!" She looks right back at me with a pouty/angry face and says "NO." John was trying so hard not to laugh he sounded like he was going to explode. Meanwhile I'm sitting there dumb-founded not knowing what to think. My baby just told me "no" and it was even in the right context. She's WAY too little to be talking back to me! I told her "you don't say no to mommy, that's not nice," she continues to give me this pouty/angry face and says "yes" Now was that a "yes, I do say that to you." OR "yes, that's not nice, I'm sorry mommy." I'm not sure, all I know is that my baby is growing up way to fast and I'm not sure if I like it!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Highlights from the weekend

We had a big change of plans on Friday. I ended up going to Orem with Judy, Melissa, Travis and their kids. John stayed home because he had to work and Kathryn went with my parents to Logan to see my sister. Here are some of the highlights of the various trips: ~~~~~~~~~~ We went to Orem for Richard and Trish's wedding and it was beautiful. The church was decorated really nice and everything went really smoothly. The four girls, two his, two hers had the most adorable matching dresses. Their hair was all done up and had flowers in it. Richards two boys Cameron and Kyle looked very handsome in their suits. Trish's son Gary and daughter Monica also looked really nice. There were 8 kids in the wedding party. All together they have 10 kids now. Their new house is huge! It was a really nice trip, even though it was a quick one. We left right after work Friday, spent the night, went to the wedding/reception and then left again for home. It was also squished in the truck and kind of uncomfortable. There were six of us in a 3 door pickup. It was fun though and I'm just glad I was able to work it out and go. John and I really wanted to show our support, even if only one of us could be there. ~~~~~~~~~~ John had a nice weekend and he said it was nice to have some time to himself. It was nice until about noon on Saturday, then he got really bored. I did come home to the lawn being mowed and the house being picked up. I guess boredom isn't the worst thing that could happen, it got him motivated to do some things around the house. ~~~~~~~~~~ Cassi was really happy to see Kathryn and got to do a lot of visiting with my parents. My dad got her car fixed so that it's drivable again. Her dog Kika had puppies about 10 days ago and they all went to see them. My dad somehow ended up in between the kennel where the puppies were and Kika. That was a bad move, my dad has a bite on his hand and teeth marks on his pants! Thankfully they were able to grab the dog pretty quick but it was kind of scary. ~~~~~~~~~~ John, Kathryn and I had a nice day at home Sunday. We ALL slept in until 9, got up and had breakfast. Went to church, cleaned the house a bit more, did some laundry, had dinner, watched a movie and went to bed. Kathryn has started this new jealousy kick with John and I. Whenever John hugs or kisses me she has an absolute fit. She will try and push him away from me and she starts screaming her little head off. It is so funny, I'm going to see if we can get it on video. As soon as John stops touching me, she will hug me as hard as she can and give him the dirtiest look! It's a riot! She has been doing the same thing with my parents. My dad is not allowed to touch HER grandma. She has also started saying "no" to herself when she is touching/doing something she's not supposed to be. Yesterday she kept trying to play with my cell phone. I would tell her no and take it away from her. She would start to reach for it again and just when she was about to touch it she would start shaking her head and say "no, no" then pull her hand back. I was trying really hard not to laugh, because I wanted her to know that it wasn't a toy. It was so hard though! She's is getting cuter and smarter by the day and it is so fun to watch!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Carnival #5

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Check out the carnival for the chicks and while your there, don't forget to vote for the topic of next weeks carnival on the side bar. I'm not in this one, but lots of great chicks are, so check it out!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I never thought of myself that way

Juggernaut Engineered for Nullification and Negotiation

Thursday Thirteen #8

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Thirteen things that I've done in the last week (in no particular order) 1. grilled on our BBQ 2. taken a sunday drive with my husband to Alpine, WY 3. bought fireworks that are illegal in the state of Idaho 4. lit off fireworks, in Idaho 5. made chicken enchiladas from a new recipe 6. played in the water with Kathryn 7. hung out with my family 8. hung out with John's family 9. watched 4 movies 10. found out Kathryn has Roseola 11. slept in until 10 a.m. 12. stayed up until 2 a.m. 13. had a GREAT week Links to other Thursday Thirteeners. Please only link if you have a CURRENT thursday thirteen post. NO COMMENTS NECESSARY, just glad you stopped by!

Old Friends

This morning on my daily stop at Great Harvest I ran into an old girlfriend from High School. It was so ironic that it happened, because I had heard just the other day that she had gotten married or was it living with someone? I can't remember. We were able to chat for a few minutes and it really struck me how crappy I've been about keeping in touch with people. The last time I saw her was my wedding. She asked how "____" was going, the job that I had THREE years ago! That's how out of touch we have been. She isn't married, isn't planning on getting married anytime soon and is still going to college. She changed majors however and is now studying massage therapy. She's in town for a week before having to go back. I handed her one of my cards so we could do lunch before she leaves. I hope she calls, it would be really great to do some more catching up. The other funny thing is that I've had this happen 3 times in the last 6 months. So far I've stayed in touch with everyone I've bumped into and I hope that I can do the same with her.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fourth of July - a review

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July! Ours was very quiet, which was a nice change. Kathryn has got Roseola, we think. She seems to have all the symptoms as far as we can tell. I'm not a big doctor type person, especially because there is nothing they can do. There is no vaccine, and because it's viral there is no medication for it. Seems a waste to pay $80.00 just to have them tell you what you've already done. Give her tylenol for the fever and cool baths. Lots of liquids and rest. Done all that, so pay ME the $80.00! Her fever broke last night, so she isn't contagious anymore, thank goodness. John and I slept in Yesterday morning, because Katy was with Grandma and Grandpa. Got up and went grocery shopping, which was so nice, because no one was there! Went over to mom and dad's, watched a movie "End of the Spear" which was wonderful and I strongly recommend it. Lazed around, had a BBQ, lit off some fireworks and went to bed. Nice quiet, lazy, relaxing, peaceful day. I always hate going back to work after a long weekend. Although, it's really nice that I only have to work three days this week. Should know today when my interview is, hope it's sooner than later. The longer I have to wait the more anxious I get!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

~sticky~ 2996 ~sticky~

~This will stay at the top of my blog for at least a week, so don't just ignore it, do it!~ Visit here to get all the info and be assinged a victim to pay tribute to.
What a wonderfully touching idea. What a large project. What a lot of work. What a guy!! If you have not already heard about this go check it out and don't forget to sign up! There is a long way to go to 2996 and we don't want anyone left out. You don't have to be a citizen of the USA to participate. There are many from around the world that will never forget that day. There are many that were outraged, as I was at the lives that were lost. This year we will not dwell on the ones that took the lives of our fellow country men. This year will be different. This year we will focus on those who's lives were so innocently taken. This year we will focus on the families and friends left behind. This year we will pay tribute to the victims of 9/11. We will pay tribute to all 2996 of them! Only with your help will this be done. With our collective tributes those who lost their live will never truly be gone!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Lazy Sunday Drive

Yesterday was so nice, in fact the whole weekend was so nice. Even though both John and I are stressed about the job thing we decided to not let it be our main focus. Saturday was spent at home with Kathryn, who is teething again and was cranky, still a nice day though. Sunday morning we slept in and puttered around the house a bit. In the afternoon we decided to take a drive up to Alpine, WY to see the dam and enjoy the scenery. My MIL came with us and it was actually quite pleasant. We had quite a good chat with her and I've finally got some insight into why she's been so crabby lately, (I'll get into that later.) We got some fireworks, which the FIL paid for, because we always do a little show at their place. The dam is the fullest it's been in years, reaching way, way back into the valley. Everything was so lush and green, it was a great drive. On our way back home we stopped for Square Ice Cream and had to wait in line for 15 minutes just to get some. I'm not a big ice cream person, so when I have it I want it to be delectible and I wasn't dissapointed. Once back to the inlaws, we lit off a few fireworks, chatted and just relaxed. Grandpa has converted his old cow tub to a wading pool for the kids which Kathryn hung out in then crawled through the grass and got atrociously dirty. At least she was happy for a few hours. I hate when she's teething because she has a whole different personality that comes out and it isn't a pretty one!! I'm getting off early today and am going to hang out with my mom who has Kathryn. Tonight we are going to do some more fireworks. Tomorrow morning is the parade, but it sucks and I've seen it so many times! Besides I don't think Katy would sit through it all. Instead of the parade, we are going to go grocery shopping because it won't be crowded and we can get in and out fast! We are going to have a picnic with my family tomorrow afternoon and then my mom is watching Katy so John and I can go see the fireworks show, which is always amazing! Should be a fun day and a good end to our relaxing extended weekend!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Carnival #4

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting The Chicks are having their fourth carnival and I'm in it!! Go check out my post and all the other wonderful chicks!! (click on the graphic to travel into chick land)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Upcoming interviews and other stuff

Here's the low down on the job situation. I have a interview on Wednesday with the company I would really like to end up at. Not wanting to count my chickens before they hatch I also have an interview on Thursday and one on Friday. I feel good about the one on Wednesday though, am praying real hard that it will work okay. We are going to see the in laws tomorrow afternoon. Shouldn't be too bad, seeing as only the MIL and FIL will be there, no one else to deal with! I get along with my FIL and am kind of looking forward to seeing him, it's been a month since he was last around. We are having a lazy weekend. Kathryn is teething again and has been incredibly clingy. John has been worried about the job situation and has also been clingy. I feel stretched in too many directions. Thankfully John is working tonight, which normally I hate. However tonight I've welcomed the break from him. Got Kathryn to sleep and now I'm just catching up on everyone. It sounds like she is starting to stir, so I better go check on her. Poor baby, I hate it when she isn't feeling good. Hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July, we aren't doing anything special. Maybe more relaxing and a BBQ.