Thursday, January 26, 2006

New Teeth

To some this may not be too exciting, but to me, it is the biggest thing to happen since, I don't know sliced bread or something equally chessy. My baby has TWO teeth, that's right not one, but two!! You can barely see them because they have just come in, but boy are they about the cutest thing ever. I love when she smiles now and you can see these two little white things down on the bottom. It is just adorable. Of course I think everything about her is adorable. I might be a tiny, eensy weensy, bit biased, but then again what mother isn't when it comes to their child(ren?) Well it isn't much, but that's all the update I have for today! Oh yeah one more thing. John's oldest brother Richard is coming for the weekend, so that will be fun to see him again. Also we might get to see Cassi and James again this weekend. ;^)

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