Monday, January 30, 2006

Weekend Drama

I love spending time with family. I really truly do and that is not said sarcastically. It is one of my favorite things to do anytime I can. However when I'm in a funk, or bad mood I just want to be alone. I was in a funk on Saturday. Which didn't make for a fun day with family. John had Friday afternoon off from work so he could go see his family. His oldest brother Richard was here from Utah, who is going through a divorce and really needs the support of his family. So on Friday after I got off work I headed up to his parents house to visit and spend the night. Long story short: I didn't sleep well Friday night, I never do in that bed. Katy was sleeping with us and I never sleep good when she is in the same room, every little noise wakes me up. Saturday everyone was sitting around just have a complain fest about John's dad. Who is a nice guy, but can be quite the jerk sometimes. I know this, everyone else know this. So why must we go over every single little thing that he has ever done. Oh it annoys me!! Nothing puts me in a grumpier mood faster than when people are going on and on about useless stuff. The fact of the matter is that no one will ever say anything to him, they just sit and around and bitch. So I wasn't really being myself. I was just being quiet and trying to read my book. Usually I would be joining the conversation and being more loud than quiet. When I was getting ready to leave to go to a baby shower, I asked John to help me get the baby's stuff packed up. Well he kind of started to whine and I had just had it, so I snapped at him in FRONT of his family, I mean really snapped at him. (by the way, I don't recommend doing this.) So then when I left I found out later that after I left they were quizzing John about what was wrong and why was I in such a bad mood. Did I hate them or something? (we have had problems in the past with other DIL getting mad and then not ever coming back.) Well in the long run it was much more drama than needed to be. I ended up getting upset and offended a bit. Why didn't anyone JUST ask ME what was wrong? Why do they think that I won't talk to them if they ask something personal? I just don't get it. Later though I did have a good talk with John and relayed my frustration to him. He explained that because of having problems with other DIL's they don't want to offend anyone or say anything to upset me. Well to be honest I was MORE offended that they didn't ask. However I can also understand where they are coming from and see how they might feel a little uncomfortable. It just irks me that 98% of the time his family is so open about things, sometimes too open, yet they can't ask me a simple question. His sister Melissa did ask me later at the baby shower what was wrong. I quickly explained that I just wasn't having the greatest day and that it was a REALLY long week. Problem solved and I appreciated so much that she has the nerve and courtesy to JUST ask. Sorry for the long post, hope you took a pee break before you started reading this!!

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