Thursday, February 09, 2006

Coffee Talk

Today I went to have our taxes done in Rigby, the birthplace of television. For you that are familiar with the area, it's not too far from were I live. It is a very fascinating place with a quite small population of mostly farm folk. I was WAY early for my appointment, partly because I was nervous and partly because I was afraid I would get lost. Since I had like 30 minutes to kill and there is not much to do I stopped in at Me n' Stans for some breakfast. I LOVE "Coffee Talk!" This is my self made word for what farmers do in the mornings over coffee. I was surrounded by it and yes it was pure bliss. It has always been interesting to me why farmers discuss the things that they do and why the things they discuss are so important. They are worse than a bunch of women if you ask me. Being surrounded by it is like being some part of a secret club or something. I know this sounds totally crazy, but that's just me. You all knew that anyway. I was just sitting there basking in the conversation, perusing the paper, but not really reading it. Floating all around me and sounding like the hum of honey bees were snippets of wonderful conversations. "did you hear about old so and so, his tractor busted so he got one of them new John Deer models. I wish my tractor would bust, then the missus wouldn't mind when I HAVE to buy a new one." or "looks like the Johnston family finally got their place sold. Too bad what happened to them." The best though is when you hear a drop in their voices and you can just FEEL everyone else at the table lean in for "I heard that Susie Smith was finally leaving Bobby for that other man." Then I hold my breath as a collective gasp comes from the rest of the table and mutterings of "it was to happen sooner or later," "no, really" and "well Bobby got what was comin' to him, always drinking and such." Like I said, worse than a group of women. I finished my toast, tipped the waitress graciously and proceeded to my appointment. Which by the way turned out much better than I though and we will be getting a much needed refund.

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