Monday, February 06, 2006

Silly SuperBowl Sunday

Okay I know that some of you will be offended by the title of this post. My apologies in advance. I actually like watching the super bowl, but haven't for a few years. Here's why: 1.) no team that I actually like has made it. (john is a 49ers fan and I'm all about the raiders) 2.) we hardly ever watch TV and why would I want to spend 5 hours wasting my time. 3.) we had a wonderful day together as a family, which is way better and more entertaining. Katy was a joy and is getting SO very vocal. Oh, my heck she just yells and yells and yells. John and I finally got some stuff done around the house and thoroughly cleaned out Katy's room. We have been given so many clothes, but there are a lot that no longer fit, so we were trying to clear out a bit more space for the stuff in bigger sizes. Anyway, her room now looks great and I can see the floor again. We reorganized the living room and got rid of a bunch of clutter that had been piling up. It feels so nice to have a clean home again. I hate being gone for 8 weekend in a row, there is not time to REALLY clean everything. Were lucky if we have clean underwear. Anyway to those of you that watched the game I hope you enjoyed the Steelers 21 to 10 lead over the Seahawks. I was kinda hoping the little guy would win, but no such luck.

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