Thursday, February 16, 2006

Nothing New

There has not been a whole lot going on lately, yet it seems so busy all the time. Cassi and James are coming this weekend. They will be here thru Monday. Mom and I have Monday off, seeing as it President's Day. So I will get to enjoy the day with family and my baby. Cassi has graciously offered to watch Katy tomorrow so she doesn't have to go to daycare. That will be nice and helps us out on our bill. One new thing I guess I forgot about. We just got our taxes done last week and we are getting enough back to finish paying off basically all our extra debt. That means no credit cards, no doctor bills, nothing. We will only have what I classify as "standard" items, house payment, car payment, phone, gas, utilities and groceries. Oh we will still have our home equity loan that we used to pay off the hospital, but the payment is somewhat manageable and will take about 1 more year to have payed off. I digress, we would have a couple hundred dollars left to buy Kathryn a new bigger, better carseat. Yesterday John's car started making a funny noise. He took it into the shop this morning and he needs some new part having to do with the wheels. CV joint, or axle or something, I can't remember. Total cost: about $150.00 Oh the joys of being grown up. Now we are going to use ALL the tax money to get stuff payed off including his recent car repair, which for the time being is on a credit card. I guess Katy will have to wait another month or two for her new carseat. At least she can still use the one we have.

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