Sunday, June 04, 2006

Saturday was....

Saturday was so nice. We got to do a lot of visiting with Bryan and Loralee. We also got to watch Ylexus and Michael for a while and that was fun. We had a BBQ that Cassi and I helped make for everyone. Mostly we just sat around and did nothing. Oh, we watched some home videos from when my Aunts and Uncles were little and that was pretty fun. I love stuff like that and it was funny to see the clothes they were wearing and the furniture. My mom was in some of them and she had these big glasses and crazy pants on. Great Grandma Harmon is still in a coma. We went in and talked to her for a bit. She tried to lift her hand when we were talking to her and she opened one eye. I'm not sure if it's her actually responding or if she is having some small spasms. I do know that her breathing changes when you go in and talk to her. She is now showing signs of heart failure. Again the hospice nurses are saying it won't be long. We'll see what happens. Cassi took Monday off, because we thought for sure the funeral would be that day. Since it's not going to be she is going to watch Kathryn on Monday for us. She has had Kathryn almost all weekend. She spent the night Friday and Saturday. She will probably spend the night again tonight. I've taken advantage and slept in as late as I could.

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ablondeblogger said...

Ugh! It breaks my heart everytime I read about your great grandma. :(

I hope the coma at least means she's not suffering anymore. Still keeping you all in my prayers!