Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - reasons

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Thirteen things that annoy me about blogging 1. it is so addicting that I can hardly pull myself away from the computer, even to pee. 2. all the unwritten rules such as: 3. you have to post when visiting someone elses Thursday Thirteen 4. you can't express how you feel about a blogroll without getting hate mail 5. if you consistently visit someone's blog, but don't comment you are evil. 6. if you blogroll someone they should blogroll you back ~ end of dumb rules 7. the mommy blog cliques 8. people who only post once every two weeks and then bitch about how no one ever visits them. 9. the mind numbing, stupor that I somehow fall into when visiting some of my favorite blogs 10. the look of zombie-ness on my face after I'm done blogging, and the drool that the zombie-ness causes 11. the people with so many blinkies that I have to adjust my screen just to read it 12. blogs with dual sidbars. why do they need so much stuff? 13. my want for more and more and more blog buddies Because of the nature of this post, I'm turning off the comments. Now even if you want to comment you can't. Just read, enjoy and don't forget to come back real soon, ya hear?
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