Friday, June 30, 2006

An UPDATE ~ The good, the bad and the ugly ~

~please note~ I started this post on Wednesday, but never finished it until now! That's why it sounds a bit out of place. THE GOOD What a day today has been. I got up, went to wake Kathryn and I sang her "happy birthday." Then John managed to swing by on a run and he went it to sing "happy birthday" to her. I frosted the cake that I had made last night and got it wrapped up for daycare. I almost dropped the cake twice on the way out, but we made it into the car and to the daycare center safe and sound. Miss Lori had all the kids lined up inside just waiting for Kathryn and they sang to her again. I almost dropped the cake, again. She got a gift from the daycare, $10.00 from John's parents, $10.00 from my biological father, a package from Great Grandma Jensen, $1.00 and a keepsake doiley from Great Grandma Bills. There are a few more things on the way yet for her. Since John is working tonight, she will get to open the rest of her gifts tomorrow night with both of us. Overall I think she had a pretty good first birthday. All things considered. However I did just put her to bed, which is somewhat early for her. But when you only take one nap and are being onery, even birthday girls have to go to bed at some point. THE BAD I'm in the process of finding a new job. This is really bad timing! We were supposed to be ordering carpet this weekend, but now can't. We were supposed to have a week off in July, but now can't. I should say I can't, John will get to have the week off with Kathryn, but I doubt a new job is going to let me have a week off after just starting! We were supposed to be going to a weekend family reunion in July, but now can't. We were supposed to have a big thing this weekend and drive into Wyoming to get fireworks and have a BBQ with some friend, and now we can't. Being poor sucks!!! I'm glad that I have over a month to find something, the thing is that I don't want to be looking! I want things to stay they way they are! THE UGLY John doesn't want me to try and find another assistant position. He wants me to terminate my Realtor license and work for what he calls a "normal" company. We've been fighting about it for 2 days now. I will find a job where ever I have to. I will take what's available, but I have worked so hard to get where I'm at right now, I'm not too eager to throw it all away. However this is the 3rd time that this has happened. I've been with three agents and once again I'm getting the boot! Not because I can't do the job or because they don't like me, but because they are going somewhere that I can't follow! I wish that I could just uproot and make it happen, but I can't. My husband has a good job here, our family is here. I guess what it all comes down to is sacrifice. I really am willing to do what it takes to make sure my family is taken care of. I'm just not overly happy about having to do it! I feel selfish for even writing that. John and I came to a truce of sorts. I will look for a job that has insurance, paid vacation, paid sick leave and normal business hours. I will work there for 5 years. THEN, I can do the Realtor thing again! It's not what I want, but it will work and we can all be happy about it. The fact that it could always be worse keeps playing through my mind. They could have not given me any notice. I could have just walked in one day and ended up walking right back out! At least this way I'm prepared for it and able to have something lined up. There is always a silver lining, but when it rains it pours!!


Melli said...

Well, I see at the top you have a countdown to your new job -- so I hope that means that you and John have come to an agreement about what you should be doing! And I hope it's all good from here!

Wendy directed me over here today!

Haley-O said...

When it rains it "poors," huh...I know what you mean. I've been on mat leave for a year (in canada, we get one year after birth paid for by the government--sweet, huh!?), and now mat leave's over. my husband and I are just now realizing that without my mat leave payment, we're taking a serious hit! So, I'm working like mad on my business...and trying to find editing or tutoring jobs. So, now, I'm a full time mom, AND work as much as possible. I'm EXHAUSTED....

By the way, it took a long time for me to get your phrase "I frosted the cake that I made" out of my head. I'm amazed you frost your own cake...I just buy mine because I'm a lazy ass...KUDOS to you!