Friday, June 02, 2006

Update and more venting

Once again I have something to bitch about with John's family. If you don't want to hear it look away! That's not my main focus today however, so I will start with Great Grandma. ~~~~~~~~~~ So far Great Grandma Harmon is hanging on. They have increased her pain medication, because there was some questioning of how comfortable she was. She is no longer on any oxygen and they will not increase her medication again. At least that is my understanding. I had a very strong feeling this morning that she had passed on. I haven't heard anything though and it makes me somewhat uneasy. It's hard to concentrate right now and I keep getting distracted. I feel like she is hanging on for some reason. I don't know if she is wanting to see someone that hasn't made it here yet, or what. It's kind of odd. My feeling this morning was also kind of weird. I was in that state between being awake and asleep and I saw a flash of her smile and she looked at peace. The I had a really strong feeling that the phone would be ringing any time and it would be that she was finally home. I then woke up fully and was just laying in bed wondering what that meant. I just talked to my mom and she hasn't heard anything and hasn't had a chance to call yet today. I'll try a bit later. ~~~~~~~~~~ Now on to the rest. Basically I've had it with John's sister. I don't know why Melissa tells me one thing and then John and his mother another. Here's what happened. Yesterday was my nephew Bryden's birthday. He is now four. I called to wish him a happy birthday and sing to him. He thought that was really cool. When I was done I talked to Melissa for a few minutes and told her that we wouldn't be able to make it to the birthday party on Saturday. Our dialogue went something like this: her - don't worry about it. I know you guys are busy and have a lot going on. Thanks for letting me know ahead of time. me - we will most likely be at a funeral this weekend. If not that we will be spending it with my family. her - okay, I'm sorry to hear about your Grandma. Let us know if we can do anything to help. me - thank you. I'll keep that in mind, but I'm sure we will be fine. her - okay, but really don't hesitate to call if you need anything. Even if you just need to talk. me - thanks. Oh, by the way. We won't be bringing a gift for Bryden, but maybe we could get together next weekend. We just can't afford it right now with everything else that is going on. her - don't worry about it. I've asked people to not bring gifts. Especially toys, he has way too many. I don't even really want to do the party, but Travis says we have to. His family won't let us get away with NOT doing one. So yeah, whatever. If you guys want to great, if you can't that's fine too. Like I said I don't really want to have a party and he doesn't need anymore toys. me - well I better go. We'll talk to you guys soon and maybe we can get together after things slow down a bit. THEN, this morning John calls me. him - what did you tell Melissa yesterday about us not going to the party? me - I told her we couldn't make it because we would probably be at a funeral. him - is that how you said it? me - yes, WHY? him - because Melissa told my mom this morning that she didn't understand why we couldn't be there. She said you were too vague and that you didn't give her a reason. me - I DID give her a reason AND she said it was no big deal whether we are there or not. him - okay. Did you say anything about a gift? me - yes. I told her that we wouldn't be getting him one, which she also said would be okay. He doesn't need anymore toys anyway. him - well she told my mom this morning that we weren't getting a gift for him and she thought it was rude. me - I don't care what she thinks and if this is the way she felt, then she should have told me. Besides the fact that I wasn't VAGUE in the least. How much clearer could I possibly be. We will be at a FUNERAL this weekend, and if not we will be with my FAMILY! How is that vague? Can you please tell me? him - honey calm down. It's okay. You don't need this extra stress. I shouldn't even have told you. I just wanted to know what you said to her. me - you're right I don't need any of this extra stress. I don't care what she thinks, I just wish she wouldn't back stab me. Don't tell me it's okay and then go whining and crying to your mother because I'm rude. She's rude! She isn't dealing with the stuff I'm dealing with. She's the one that's rude. ~by this time my blood is boiling and I'm about ready to turn into the incredible Hulk.~ him - it's okay, I don't care what she thinks either and I'm going to talk to her today about this. I've had it with her bad mouthing you. It's rude and unacceptable behavior. me - thank you. I really can't deal with this right now so tell her if she has something to say, say it to my face and get off my back about not coming to her stupid party and not bringing her bratty obnoxious kid a present and I'm SOOOO sorry for being vague and such a terrible rude person and not giving her a reason why we won't be there when really it's none of her damned business in the first place.....(insert heavy breathing here. after that sentence I had to catch up.) him - my other line is ringing. I'll talk to you later. ~~~ By the time John called me back I had cooled off enough that I was no longer green. I was just annoyed. John says to not worry about it, so I guess I won't. He has talked to her and I guess she is okay. She is okay, because John basically told her, you have no other choice than to be okay with this, because I won't put up with this kind of crap. ~~~ Issue solved, it just stills irks me to no end. At this point I'm feeling like I just want to avoid her. I don't need her stressful and negative attitude affecting me. I refuse to put myself in that kind of a situation. Okay, enough venting for one day. I better get back to work. Glad that I'm a fast typist, otherwise this would have taken forever. ~~~~~~~~~~ I'll be updating the situation with Grandma as time and my emotions permit. Thank you all for your kind words and prayers for our family. We are truly grateful for your sentiments! ~~~~~~~~~~


Great Day said...
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Great Day said...

~Trish ~ I thought I did delete the right one, but obviously not. Blogger was being a pain in the arse this morning.

I did get your comment though. Thanks for the hugs and the advice. I just don't know if it's worth the effort and emotions to chew her head off. It would be fun though, I'd love to see the look on her face.

Thanks for making me laugh a bit!!

Trish said...

It probably isn't worth the effort - but sometimes, just imagining the looks on their faces is enough to pull you out of a bad mood. :) Just wanted to let you know I care.