Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A week with the Fockers - I mean my in-laws

I'm running out of clever title for my entry's. I need some type of a program that would take my entries and give them titles to match what I've written about! Alas, I can't find anything to match my entry's to my titles. If anyone know of any such invention, please let me know! ~~~~~~~~~~ John's brother Richard is here on vacation with his family and it has been crazy! I really have not been home now for 6 weekends in a row and it's driving me nuts! My house is a wreck. There is laundry all over the place, the kitchen needs once again to be cleaned top to bottom. I need to once again go through all the babies clothes and sort them. She grows out of things so quickly that it's hard for me to keep up. ~~~~~~~~~~ I have a stupid head cold, sore throat, runny nose, head ache, the usual crap. I know that a large part of it is due to being on the go so much and not getting enough sleep. It also could be due to the fact that I've not been exercising as much this past month as I had been trying to before. We've been eating out more, since we haven't been at home. Kathryn and John both had colds as well, so I may have caught something from them. ~~~~~~~~~~ I have so much to get done before we get carpet next month and I'm lacking any sort of motivation to complete it. Before the baby was born her room was my scrapping room. Since we found out she was coming it was all moved into the corner of our dining room. It has been growing and reproducing since then! We are getting rid of some of the furniture and going to be rearranging things to make more effective use of our space. The scrappin table will become the computer desk as well. We are moving our dining room table so we can actually DINE at it. I'm hoping if I can get this cleaned off and looking better it will give me better motivation to keep it that way. My problem is that I lack the energy when I get home to do any of it and unless I can get it out of the way Saturday morning it only gets worse and worse. ~~~~~~~~~~ We are supposed to be going to the Riot Zone this weekend with all the kids and John's family this weekend. Should be really fun, they have mini golf, go-carts, bumper boats, a climbing wall and some other various things. I may have my mom watch Kathryn that day so we don't have to worry about interrupting her naptime schedule. My MIL has offered to watch her while at the park, but I'm just not sure that's a good idea. I would probably spend my day watching and making sure that she's not getting too much sugar and that she's actually taking some sort of a nap. ~~~~~~~~~~ which brings me to my next point. On Sunday we were all outside playing Volleyball at MIL's house. Kathryn was asleep in the house and I had gone in several times to check on her. MIL was in the house and I asked her "if you hear Kathryn will you yell out to me and I'll come get her?" She agrees that she will and I head back out side to play. About 15 minutes later MIL comes outside with Kathryn, which was fine and very nice of her, but I wish she had called me. She sits down on the side with Kathryn and is holding her playing with her, which again is fine and I'm grateful for her help. Kathryn seem content and everything was going fine, until I notice that she keeps covering her up with a fleece blanket. Now The Bug love her fleecy, but not when it's 88 degrees outside, so she keeps pushing it away only to be covered up again. Our game is almost over, and she seemed to be fending for herself, so what the heck might as well finish the game instead of having to make everyone stop and wait for me to go find out what the heck is going on and why she keeps covering her. *catching my breath* 2 minutes later I hear Kathryn let out her "give that to me know, before you loose an eye" scream and look over to see Grandma happily give her more Root Beer, which is what she was yelling for. I roll my eyes, call over to john to make sure he notices what his daughter is being given and he just shrugs. Again the game is almost over, so whatever let it go, right? Then the screaming starts again and I see more Root Beer being administered to my child. At this point I can't stand it any more and go to investigate what is going on. By the time I get across the lawn, defeating all the sprinkler hoses, shoes and blankets my child is screaming again for her sugary, carbonated goodness. Grandma willing obliges and hands over the soda can. At which point it goes spilling down both Grandma and Kathyn. Oh, the sticky, ooey, gooey, sugary mess. It's all over her, the blanket, my new camping chair that we had set up, and someone's camera that was on the ground! Nice move Grandma!! At this point I notice that something smells very wet, like urine wet. It of course was Kathryn, who didn't get changed after getting up from her nap. I wisk her away to give her a wet wipe bath, change her clothes and her butt. The MIL gives me this insulted, injured look and says "I didn't want to interrupt your game, I was just trying to help," and proceeds to pout. Give me a freaking break!! You aren't seriously pouting? Oh, wait yes you are, because that is what you do. Get all butt hurt then run to my husband and make him feel guilty about how rude I was. I was rude? No, you were rude. You were rude for not doing what I asked. Why is it so hard for the MIL to do what I ask when it comes to MY child? I feel like there is a constant power struggle going on between us. I hate it so much, you have no idea. How hard would it have been to call me so I could get her up, CHANGE her and bring her out side. Oh, yeah, the blanket thing? "I didn't want her to get sunburned, it was so hot out." Yeah, it was hot out, that's why I had sunscreen sitting on the counter, which again would have been put on her had I simply been called when she woke up. ~~~~~~~~~~ Boy am I looking forward to the rest of this week with the in-laws!! The nieces and nephews are great and John's brother has been awesome to hang out with. If I could just stay clear of the MIL for a few more days, yes, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have been successfully avoiding Melissa for the most part this week. Thankfully she's been too busy to be at the house much, but will be there this weekend. :(


3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

I hope your cold is getting better Great Day! Summer colds suck!

MIL relationships, especially after grandkids are born can be extremely challenging. I feel for you. It really is being stuck between and rock and a hard place. We love our husbands who love their mothers. When the clashing happens, and it almost always does at some point, it can become extremely frustrating.

Admittedly, I have never quite figured out how to handle it well. I now give my X-M-I-L a wide birth. And honor her from a distance. But while I was married to her son, their was a point where we didn't speak for two years. Although I made sure that she saw her grandkids with her son often. My hope and prayer is that I will be conscious of the many nuances of the daughter-in-law/mother-in-law relationship and not irritate my daughter-in-law when she has kids.

I do believe there is possibly a sub-conscious power struggle that goes on in this relationship. It's a tough one, and I'll say a prayer for you!


angela said...

I am so there with you...I have some issues with this kind of thing myself...but this isn't about me, is it? :-) I think you handled yourself just fine...;-)

Shephard said...

I have to say... even without children, there are MIL struggles.
Totally relate. The problem that never goes away.
I laughed at "Nice move, Grandma!"