Saturday, July 01, 2006

Upcoming interviews and other stuff

Here's the low down on the job situation. I have a interview on Wednesday with the company I would really like to end up at. Not wanting to count my chickens before they hatch I also have an interview on Thursday and one on Friday. I feel good about the one on Wednesday though, am praying real hard that it will work okay. We are going to see the in laws tomorrow afternoon. Shouldn't be too bad, seeing as only the MIL and FIL will be there, no one else to deal with! I get along with my FIL and am kind of looking forward to seeing him, it's been a month since he was last around. We are having a lazy weekend. Kathryn is teething again and has been incredibly clingy. John has been worried about the job situation and has also been clingy. I feel stretched in too many directions. Thankfully John is working tonight, which normally I hate. However tonight I've welcomed the break from him. Got Kathryn to sleep and now I'm just catching up on everyone. It sounds like she is starting to stir, so I better go check on her. Poor baby, I hate it when she isn't feeling good. Hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July, we aren't doing anything special. Maybe more relaxing and a BBQ.

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