Thursday, April 13, 2006


Here are some samples from my favorite new website to puruse when I'm bored. Engrish. com has many wonderful examples of mistakes made with the english language. While I'm guilty of bad grammer, or spelling errors at time, I've never been THIS bad!!! "Cookies anyone?" Or who could forget that questionable smell? Or my personal favorite. The kid on CRACK!! ( please keep in mind that I have nothing against the japanese, in fact I'm fascinated by most of their culture. None the less, this stuff is a riot!! )


WriteWingNut said...

ROFL! This reminds me of Chinese restaurant menus.

We've seen things like "chicken three kind" and "chicken in fried."

Too funny!

Laura said...

That is AWESOME. My husband and I "collect" Engrish sayings and repeat them to each other at random times. He's going to love this! :)