Thursday, April 27, 2006


Oh my heck. I just got off the phone with my sister and we talked for 2 hours 41 minutes and 33 seconds. For most sisters this is probably a normal thing, but for us it is not. Usually our conversations go something like this: Me: hey, how's it going Her: good, how are you Me: good thanks. So are you coming this weekend or next. Her: this weekend, guess we'll see you on Saturday at moms Me: okay, sounds good. luv you bye. Her: luv you too, bye. Not this time though, we talked and talked and talked and talked. We talked so long that both of our husbands gave up and went to bed, believing that we had forgotten about them. When we were younger, excluding our teenage years of course, we got along really well. Then I got obnoxious and thought I new everything and by the time I got past that, she was in the same stage. By the time she got out of that stage I had moved away from home, and was engaged. Then I got too involved in my own life and got too wrapped up with myself. I kind of pushed her away, because I felt like we couldn't relate anymore. She was still in high school and I was out on my own, working full time experiencing life. After I got married I really felt like we didn't have anyway to relate and that we were just too different, or some dumb excuse like that. The real problem was that I was selfish and too involved in my own stuff to make a better effort. Then she got engaged and I thought she was too young, and didn't know what she was doing and was rushing into things. She probably thought I was the biggest witch and that I was so pushy. I can be pretty pushy when I think I'm right, which is pretty much all the time, so I guess she would have been right. Anyway, long story short, now that I've been married a few years and have a kid and she has been married almost a year, I think we are doing much better. I understand now that she relates to me more than I give her credit for. Also she is more intelligent and observant than I give her credit for. She is happily married and doing great. I'm glad that we are getting along better and that we had such a good talk tonight. I hope that we can keep that up. I've decided that I will make more time for long phone calls with her, even if it means my husband going to bed without me!!

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