Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I used to write in a journal all the time when I was younger. I even started a journal for my daughter, but I haven't been very good about writing in it. In highschool I wrote almost everyday, about almost everything. It always felt good to write things down and get them out there. Now I mostly gripe to my husband about things that bother me. Occasionally though, it just feels really good to sit down and pour my soul out all over the pages of a journal, when I have the time. Computers have made journaling much easier, example this blog. I've made more entries into it, then I have for a long time in my paper journal. However I don't think that EVERYTHING should be shared with EVERYONE else. Some of the blogs I've read are just astounding. People write things that I would only write down if I was going to burn the paper afterward, or mail it to PostSecret. I mean come on people, that really is an overshare!! For instance there are certain things that I could never, and would never write here, for the mere fact that quite a bit of my family members read my blog. I don't want to hurt someone's feelings, or start some kind of a fight. I also don't want all my family to know everything about me. That said here is my entry for today. Stupid people: I really hate it when people call you and they just kind of ramble on, about nothing really important, just tell you random stuff. Oh, my heck it annoys me. I'm not a counselor, I'm not trained to help people with their problems, I'm certainly not patient enough. That's just to begin with. Do I really care?!! Probably not, if you have created these problems for yourself, then you should take care of them yourself. Enough said!! I don't go around telling anyone that will listen about my problems, because I know that most people don't care. Especially people that barely know you. I mean come on, I just want to sell you a house and get on with it. I want to make sure you find a nice house, one that you like, but I'm not qualified to solve all the problems you have that you don't want to bring into that house. Okay, that's enough rambling today and I hope it wasn't an overshare.

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