Friday, April 28, 2006

Thirteen Things about JENN
1.) I don't really like ice cream. If I do eat it, I only eat a little bit and it's only a couple of times a year. If I buy a carton of ice cream, I will eat 1 scoop and then the rest sits there for 6 months before I throw it out. Most people think this is weird. 2.) My family always tell me I'm funny. I like to do impressions and make funny faces and tell jokes. My friends tell me I'm a nerd for doing these things. So now I only do it around my family. 3.) When I was a kid I was going to be a marine biologist and live in California on the beach. 4.) I like to mix certain foods together, I think they taste better that way. The best combination is mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and stuffing. Stir it all together and take a big bite. 5.) I used to think that a toilet monster lived in the basement drain in my childhood home. This was because my older brother would flush the upstairs toilet when I went down there making the drain gurgle and churn. 6.) Sometimes I'm not sure if the things I say are true or if I just made them up. I read a lot and sometimes when I'm talking I'll spout off some random bit of information and then later I think "wow, is that really true. That's kind of cool." And I don't ever remember where I got it from. 7.) I'm addicted to talk radio, but no one knows. I love Dr. Laura and want to meet her some day. I try to listen to her every night when I get home from work. 8.) I used to have a crush on a boy, until I heard a rumor that he was gay. Then I found out it wasn't true and I couldn't deny that even if he had been gay I still would have loved him. 9.) I once pretended I was sick on a date, just so I could go and see my dates friend. That friend is now my husband and my date is now married to someone else. 10.) When I was little my dad told me that if I didn't cover my ears at night a vampire would come and bite them off. I believed him and to this day cover my ears before I go to sleep. 11.) I'm afraid of the dark, really I am. However I love scary movies and don't watch them anymore because I have recurring nightmares for months at a time. 12.) I have an overactive imagination and often times hear and/or see things that aren't really there. 13.) I'm very gullible and unless it's WAY out there, I will believe most anything anyone tells me. This makes my husband nervous and he says that some day I will loose all my money to some scam.

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