Friday, April 07, 2006

Oddly enough

Now that I have a child there are a few things that have changed drastically. 1.) when I walk into a room, no one cares that I'm there. No, it's "hi Kathryn," "Katy Bug," "look over here Katy," "Kathryn look what I got you." I no longer get told YOU should visit more often, instead it's "I haven't seen this baby forever, you need to bring her by more often." 2.) more people visit our home, to see Kathryn of course! For instance why is it that my grandmother who moved to Boise about 6 years ago, (after living down the street all my life) has been back to town for four events. a) my wedding b) my sisters wedding c) when Kathryn was 4 weeks old d) and this weekend, Katy is now 9 months old. Every other time we've seen Grandma since her moving is because WE went to visit her. 3.) I don't care as much about my appearance, not because I've become more of a slob or anything. Just because crushed graham crackers on my pants, or peaches on my shirt doesn't seem so bad as it used to. If I'm tired in the morning, which is 90% of the time, I only do the bare minimum to get ready for work. example: shower, brush hair, get dressed. No makeup, no fancy hair do, no accessories, no perfume, no hair spray, etc. Now keep in mind this is not because I don't like to do these things, or look nice. It's simply because I'm too tired to make the effort. 4.) before Kathryn was born I got all this snark from my mother and mother-in-law about how they were not free babysitters, so don't expect them to babysit every weekend, and certainly don't expect them to babysit on short notice. Let me just tell you grandmas are full of B.S. My mom and MIL now give me snark if I DON'T let them babysit. I've paid a babysitter one time and will never make that mistake again, it's not worth all the crap I caught from them. I'm sure as time goes on I will notice more things about life with a child versus my life without one. Seriously though, even though I get ignored more often than not, I'm glad that Katy has so many wonderful people to love and help take care of her.

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