Friday, August 18, 2006

Now what?

John hasn't called me once today. Something must be wrong, oh wait the phone just rang and it's him. Now I know how to get him to call, ha, ha. There are days when he will call me 10-15 times a DAY. I'm lucky I have a nice boss who isn't around very much. Sometimes I just don't answer, I let it go to voice mail. This drives him crazy, but him calling all day drives me crazy! My husband is a worrier (sp?) he worries about EVERYTHING. Money, family, friends, the weather, traffic, me, himself, kathryn, money, politics, what glen beck says, money, schedules, what to have for dinner, what to have for breakfast, if I'm going to make it to lunch or not, money. It drives me batty. The longer we are married the more I'm getting used to it and how to help him deal with it. Sometimes he just needs reminded that everything is okay and it's not really a problem. Sometimes he just needs a swift hard boot to the ass. Depends on the day I guess. Today he is worried about the weekend. He wants everything to be perfect and for it to just be us. He's worried that something is going to interfer and our weekend will be ruined. What if someone drops by and we're not excpecting them? What if we're late for the movie? What if Kathryn is still teething? What if she has a rough night again? What if we spend too much money and it cuts us short for the rest of the month? what if, what if, what if? My thought is "okay, what if?" We deal with it. Get over it, move on. I'm not a worrier, never have been. If it happens, it happens. Life goes on, things are fine. What baffles me this most is why he even thinks about this stuff. If we're late for the movie, we might not get that great of seats, or we might miss a few minutes of previews. If someone drops by, you tell them it's not a good time. If Kathryn's still teething, we deal with it and help her through it. None of these things are an issue to me. As far as the weekend being ruined well, you choose what kind of attitude and day you are going to have. You choose to let someone else or something "ruin" your day. If he would just take a few steps back sometimes it would help so much. His sister has been doing a stress/therapy program and when she's done we are going to borrow it from her. I hope it helps, because she seems to be doing better. If it can help her there is no doubt in my mind that it can help John and it certainly can't hurt.
~~ Go visit my renter Kel. She is having some struggles of her own with family. Send her husband some get well wishes. He's been having some bad pain problems. ~~

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