Tuesday, August 22, 2006

That is really sick!

John has pinkeye and it's really gross. Yesterday at lunch he was fine, I get home from work and it looked like someone had dumped blood into his eye with a bunch of vanilla pudding. Ewwww, it was so gross! It was oozing and spitting out this gunky stuff. His eyelashes kept getting stuck together. Ewww, ewwww, it was nasty. He went to the doctor this morning and got a RX for some prescription eye drops. I had to go and pick him up for the appointment, because he didn't know if he would be able to drive or not. He is also staying home today, which is good because he drives a truck around town for a living. Dr. B is so very nice. He knows that John is a bit of a worrier, so he was really good about explaining everything, how it should clear up in a few days and how to be careful and not spread it. He also showed him an easy way to put the drops in and gave him some tips on keeping it cleaned out. Thankfully the drops weren't too expensive and he said it feels like they are already working. I wanted to take a picture of his eye, but he wouldn't let me. "all you're going to do is put it on your blog to try and get more traffic" he told me. I wouldn't put it up for traffic, but I would put it up to gross everyone out!
~~ Don't forget to visit my renter Kel. She is only here for one more day and I need everyone to show her lots and lots of love, she really needs it, find out what a jerk the new doctor was to her and Cheif. ~~

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