Sunday, August 13, 2006

A few weeks ago, I was outside on the patio, getting the BBQ going and Katy was playing around her little pool. She wouldn't get in it, she just wanted to sit on the side and play with her ducks and get all dirty. I brought the camera out, so I could show John how dirty she was.
Next thing I know there is a big splash and I see this! She had decided to get into her pool after all. With all her clothes on. Too priceless to not take a picture of.
Then she decides it might be better to be outside of the pool. It is a bit chilly in there, seeing as I had just filled it back up for her.
Now we are going to get back in the pool. Now we are going to be half in and half out! She did this until John came home, and put her in the bathtub. She was filthy, but at least she was having a good time.

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