Sunday, August 20, 2006

so very nice

Today was a great day. We did nothing! Nothing if you don't count rearranging furniture, making a play corner for kathryn, organizing and cleaning out the bookshelf, cleaning the kitchen and setting up the living room. So it was a really busy day, but very nice. It was a great weekend and we got some good family time in. John's happy, I'm happy, Kathryn's happy, and Fido's pissed as usual. We had to put up some baby gates today and Fido can't figure out how to get over them. She is either trapped in the kitchen, or trapped in the living room. Kitchen is okay, because Katy can't get to her, but she can't lay in the sun. Living room is good because of the sun, but bad because Katy can get to her. I had to lift her between the rooms several times, she was freaking out so bad. Don't understand how she can jump onto the counter or windowsill, but not over the gate. We went out and visited my grandma and aunt today. It was nice, they love seeing Katy and I took them some new photos. I also took them a DVD with video clips of us over the last year. Grandmas eat that kind of stuff up! Good Christmas and birthday presents. I think I'm going to get some shut eye. The boss is going to be gone Tuesday through Thursday so we have a lot to go over tomorrow in preparation for that.
~~ Don't forget to visit my renter Kel, from Mama? Mama come here! She's feeling pretty up! today and you will to if you visit her! ~~

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