Monday, August 14, 2006

Here I am and It's for sure a Monday

My new job is underway, so far so good. I don't have my own desk yet, or my own computer, but I'm here and I'm getting paid. That's the important part right? I'm glad that I'll get to keep my old office space, old phone number and old extension. Now I won't have to worry too much about new business cards. yippee. It's kind of odd being here, having my old boss just down the hallway, but not having to talk to him or anything. I mean I said hi and asked how things were going, but it feels really weird to not have to check in with him and see what needs to be done. It's also odd to see my office totally empty. After having all that stuff in there for a year it feels like I'm starting all over again, almost as if I've never been here before. I guess I better get back to work, since hopefully the new boss will be back soon with a desk and a computer and all that other good stuff. Hope everyone out there is having a fabulous Monday and that things are going smoothly in your neck of the woods.

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