Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Oh my gosh, I feel like I've been gone forever. I need to make the rounds and check up on everyone. I'm so glad that it's Wednesday and all the family has gone back home. Don't get me wrong, I love my family more than anything, but sometimes! Here's a recap of the last couple of days and ALL the things that we did. Now you will know why I'm glad they're back home and why I'm so exhuasted. THURSDAY: Rich and the kids get here, we go up and see all of them. We end up bringing four of the five home with us to spend the night. We stayed up WAY too late, but it was really fun. FRIDAY: I had to volunteer at the daycare, so I took Kayleen with me and left the boys at the house for a few hours. After I was done we met up with everyone (MIL, SIL, John and Rich) for lunch. I went back up to MIL house to spend some time with the kids. It was a fun day. When John got off work he came up and we played some volleyball and other games. SATURDAY: John and I parted ways. I spent the day with my mom, dad and sis. We went to a cousins wedding a couple of hours away. Let me make a small correction. We drove 2 1/2 hours were there for just over an hour and then drove another 2 1/2 hours back! It was a long drive and Kathryn wasn't being her best. She would not fall asleep, she kept fighting it the whole way. John spent the day with his family. They played a lot of games and went to a children's rodeo. The kids actually got to be in it! He said it was pretty fun to watch and he had a good time. John spent the night at his parents house, which kind of made me angry. He had told me he would be coming home to spend the night with us. Whatever, I stayed at my parents house, since he wasn't home. SUNDAY: I woke up not feeling so good. I had felt kind of groggy the night before, but thought it was just because of the late nights. I spent the morning with my mom, it was her birthday. I left Kathryn with my parents and went up to spend the afternoon with John's family. We played volleyball and the guys played a couple of games of football. We had dinner together. Kyle and Kayleen wanted to spend the night again, so we brought them home with us. MONDAY: Melissa dropped Kaitlyn off at my house, so she could spend the day with everyone. MIL has Monday's off, so she usually watches the kids that day. We headed up to the house. Rich took the boys golfing, so I took the little ones (Bryden, Clarice and Kayleen) mini golfing. MIL watched the babies. We also had to go pick some things up at the store for dinner. After golfing and the store, I went back and made lunch for everyone, and played with the little ones some more. John and Melissa both came up after work and we played a couple of board games. Then Cameron and Clarice wanted to spend the night at Melissa's, but she had to work the next day. So I stupidly opened my mouth and said she could drop the kids off to me before she went to work. BTW - I was still not feeling so hot today, but thankfully did get a bit of a nap in. TUESDAY: I woke up feeling like I'd been hit by a mac truck! Melissa drops the kids off and they want breakfast, so I get something for them. Rich is supposed to come get the kids on his way back home. I was expecting him by about 10 a.m. John stops by and I'm so exhausted that I have him take Kathryn to daycare. I also ask him to call Rich and find out how long he's going to be. He says a couple of hours. Cameron is really good and can tell I don't feel so great. He tries to keep Clarice out of my hair, but she's four and it doesn't work so well. Rich finally shows up about 11:30. I sleep for the majority of the day once they are gone. I slept too much though, because I can't fall asleep that night. When I do finally crash, it's only for a few hours. I end up falling back asleep in the recliner watching Forrest Gump in the living room. WEDNESDAY (today): I get up and feel even worse than yesterday. I take Kathryn to daycare and come back home to rest. I don't really want to sleep, because I want to sleep tonight. So here I am blogging and trying to get caught up on some computer stuff! I hope you all had awesome weekends. The weekend itself wasn't too bad, just long and somewhat tiring. There were some things that happened that John and I just were talking about today, but it's all a rant, so I don't think I'll write about it. In fact I think I'm going to go lay down, I'm starting to feel a bit dizzy from the cold medicine.
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