Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Numero Dos

Here I am day two at the new job. I have a desk now, but still no computer, that will be here this morning. Yesterday was kind of boring, just because there is not much I can do without a computer. Thankfully it went really fast though. The day was over before I knew it. Went home, mowed the lawn, had dinner, put Kathryn in the tub then bed, watched a movie. Then I got a very exciting message from one of my BFF who now lives in Cali, she just found out she's pregnant! I'm so excited for her. They have been trying for a while, so I'm glad they are going to have a little bean on the way. I didn't get her message until late, but I had to call her back right away, because I was so excited! It is just so awesome. I also have a baby shower to go to on Friday for another friend from high school. I've got to get cracking and make her a blanket and some flannel burp clothes. I have this really easy pattern and the clothes are the best. Better than anything you can buy. My grandma made me a bunch of them and they are just the best, I already said that though, didn't I? I'm starting to ramble, so it's probably a good time to get back to work. I hope things are all up and running today, I can hardly wait to really dig in and get started.
Don't forget to go and visit my renter Tracie. She's only here for another day and we need to show her lots of love!

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