Monday, August 21, 2006

Junk and Stuff

My MIL came to pick up Kathryn this morning and I never truly noticed how un-observant she is. Our living/dining room looks WAY different. The smaller couch is gone, the dining table has been moved, the corner is all set up for katy, the computer table is on the other side of the room. BIG difference. She kind of looked around like "hmmm, is something different here, or is it just me?" She didn't say anything though. Just stood there with a goofy look on her face. I was enjoying her confusion and discomfort so much that I didn't say anything either. I kept waiting, but she never did say anything about it, even though I could tell she wanted to. I love the woman to death, but man does it drive me crazy when she things like this. I think she was waiting for me to say something about it, so she wouldn't have to. Later today, she'll call John and ask him about it. Rather than just ask me when I'm standing right there in the house. I don't know if she thinks she's going to offend me, or if she thinks it's rude to ask. Maybe she thinks the house has been that way for a while and she'll look dumb if she says anything now.
John is going to keep his second job at Hollywood Video. He went in this morning to pick up his last paycheck and the manager begged him to stay. He will ONLY be working Friday nights though. If they don't stick to this agreement, then he will quit. This is in some ways a relief for both of us. He was worried about not bringing in any extra money and I was worried about my sanity. I've gotten used to having ME time every week. Even though 1 day a week, will only be about $100 a month, it's still a hundred bucks. It is also good because he was having mixed feelings about leaving. He really liked the job and the people, just not all the shifts and hours. He was getting so burned out and it wasn't worth it. One day a week is more than manageable and we will get to keep all the discounts and free rentals, which is also an added bonus since we are such movie buffs.
We got a new computer over the weekend. We have been saving for one forever and finally had enough to get it. We thought we would have to wait until next year, but I just couldn't wait any longer. Our other one was so slow and annoying. It wouldn't play some of our games, or it would freeze up in the middle of them and you would loose everything you had done. It was also a big pain to try and download music and watch videos. It would do it, but it took like 7 hours to get them all, because it was so slow. It wasn't our internet connection either, because that was fast, fast, fast. Anyway, I was trying to do some work stuff on it last week and I just couldn't handle it anymore! I needed my information and I needed it right now! When John came home I flat out told him, "We are getting a new computer this week, and they are having a sale. Want to come with me?" We ended up getting a killer deal through Circuit City, $300.00 in rebates! That's a lot of moola. The new one is so nice, I couldn't believe how fast stuff was loading. The only problem I've had is that there is so much stuff I don't know how to run it all or where to find it. I taught John how to run Quicken yesterday and he loves it. I've been wanting to buy the program for a while, but couldn't convince him of why we needed it. The computer came with it, and he is in love. When I showed him how to balance it, I thought he was going to cry tears of joy, because he HATES balancing the checkbook. Almost as much as I hate laundry, but not quite. I'm rambling on and not really going anywhere with this, so I will go do something productive now. Can't wait to get home on my lickety split computer and get it going. Also I haven't forgotten about the rest of my pictures, just a bit sidetracked with my new toy!
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