Thursday, August 17, 2006

Finally, some family photos!

I have been such a slacker about getting photos up. I'm going to do a week of pictures among my other posts so that I can be all caught up. I love sharing photos, if only blogger would cooperate all the time then I would be okay!
These are from the day I took Clarice, Kayleen and Bryden golfing. The little mini course we have here is so cool. It's surrounded by lots of trees so it's nice and shady and they are pretty inventive with the holes and stuff. This one is on the top of a bridge and you have to get it into the tube at the end. Once you get it through the tube, it goes flying down this slide to the green. I am standing on the bridge watching the kids and snapping a pic of Kayleen sinking her putt!
The next hole goes under the bridge and curves around. We had to play the hole with the slide twice, because it's everyone's favorite. They think it's the best to watch the ball go shooting down that slide. Their other favorite hole is the outhouse! We played this one three times. You hit your ball into the crapper and then it get spits out on the side above the green. I hate this hole, becuase it's hard to get your ball into one of the crapper holes. My ball kept getting stuck up in the corner, which the kids all thought was hilarious.
At the end, you hit your ball, up the ramp into the mini silo and it gets swallowed (returned.) Bryden wanted his ball back and he was trying to see where it went!
All of the cousins together. We had pictures done the last time the kids were here, but Clayton didn't come. Now we have one with ALL of them! Top row: Kyle holding Kaitlyn, Cameron, Clayton holding Kathryn. Bottom row: Clarice, Kayleen and Bryden.
Bryden and Clarice playing in the slip n' slide. They were more like lounging in the pool at the end. I think they were in there for about 5 hours one afternoon.
All the guys playing football out behind the house. They played all afternoon. It was hilarious to watch John, Rich and Rex play against Kyle, Cameron and Clayton. The boys are all in football again this year and they spanked their uncles and dad!
Kathryn sitting on her uncle Rex bouncing up and down. He always playes that game with her. What a good uncle.
Kathryn chillin' in Kaitlyn's car seat. Kyle put her in here and then she didn't want to get out. She thought it was a pretty sweet recliner.

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