Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dum, da, dum, da, dum

(Insert booming drums and cheering here)
I know that most of you are already familiar and probably fans of Kel from Mama, Mama come here!, but you need to go and check her out anyway. Besides if you don't click on her, I won't get very good stats and if I don't get very good stats, I know where to come! ha ha Go check her out today. There has been a lot going on around her house, maybe you can help her decide what tatoo to get, or just give her a word of support and comfort. Kel, thanks for always being such an awesome blogging bud. You're one of my very most favorite bloggers. Thanks for staying with me, I'll try hard to make dinner every night and clean up a bit so you have a place to sleep.

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