Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Not as much.

John's eye is looking better, but still really gross. He went back to work today and all the guys in the shop have been teasing him about spreading his fectious-ness. The doctor did say that he had to be really careful, because it spreads so easily. If he touches his eye, then touches the computer someone could pick it up within an hour or less. Poor guy, all night last night he would come to sit by me and I would mockingly jump back and say "ewww, I don't want all your pudding puss on me, get away!" I thought it was really funny, but he didn't. He turned pouting and said, "you make me feel like a leper." He was probably glad to be back at work today, because yesterday I kept calling and making sure he was washing his hands and not touching anything. I can't do that today.
~~ Don't forget to visit my renter. Kel is only here for 7 more hours and I want her last day to be a big smash! ~~

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