Friday, August 25, 2006

Another first

So Kathryn is walking and I'm very excited and sad all at the same time. It's fun she is doing something new, but it means she is growing up. Don't get me wrong progression is a good thing, but does it have to happen so quickly? Tonight when I picked her up from daycare she started screaming. Not just a little whine either, I mean really screaming. She wanted to stay with Ms. A, not come home with her mommy. In a way it was kind of funny, but not when there are all these other parents there looking at me with these disapproving, glaring looks. I just know they were all wondering what I do to her when we're at home. Geez people, I don't beat her! I had to wrestle her away from Ms. A. who felt awful, but at least I know she is happy there. She must be if she doesn't want to come home with the person that brought her into this world. Oh, and she was sitting in her car seat picking her nose on the way home. Great, just great!

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