Monday, July 24, 2006

First Steps Woot! Woot!

Kathryn took her first independant step on Sunday afternoon right into my arms! It was so cute, I just melted all over my moms living room floor. I love being a mom, each new stage brings exciting new things and changes. It seems like daily she does things that I don't remember her doing the day before. We're taking bets on when she will be walking on her own. Mine is August 10th, and John says August 5th. Anyone else want to take a guess? There will be a prize of some kind, but I'm still figuring out that part. BTW - on her own means across the room without holding onto ANYTHING. Right now she will walk across the room holding onto BOTH of my hands, or holding on to her walker/pusher thing, but as soon as you let go she will sit down.
~~ Don't forget to check out my renter. She has a cute post about what her daughter calls her dad that cracked me up! ~~

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