Thursday, July 20, 2006

When the Mommy's away..........

There is a lot that goes on while I'm at work all day, especially when John is home with Kathryn. Here are some of my findings based upon thee scene when I got home today: ~ Kathryn on only 2 hours of sleep ALL day is not a pretty thing ~ John doesn't handle poop very well (I already knew this, but I've been reminded of it) ~ Fido can only handle so much of being chased. That poor cat is used to having the house to herself and will be really glad that Kathryn is back at daycare tomorrow! ~ John can only handle so many baby demands. He is also glad she will be back at daycare tomorrow. ~ John is really inventive and because the laundry still needs to be done he has used every surface in our house to hang things on. Since we are waiting until tomorrow for our dryer part. Some other things that happened today: ~ Kathryn ate a rock ~ John fell asleep when Kathryn did (if you knew him this would be weird to you too, John is not a napper) ~ Kathryn ate fruit loops off the carpet because John didn't want to clean her highchair tray. ~~~~~~~~~~ In other news. ~ I am still needing a job by the first of August. Because my current boss has yet to secure office space I thought that would give me a bit more time to find a new boss. Not true ~ I got to drive my current boss's BMW. It is not all he said it is. In fact I would never, ever buy one. They are too expensive! That's all that has happened in my sorry existence today. Oh yeah, I did screw around a lot on Blog Explosion today and I've finally decided to rent out my own blog. I've also secured a few spots as other people's tenants. I'm totally stoked about it!

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