Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #10

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Thirteen POSITIVE things that have happened in the past week. Since things haven't been going so well in my neck of the woods, I thought I'd try and send myself some good karma! 1.) I won my first battle of the blogs 2.) and I didn't think I would come even close! 3.) getting to see my sisters new puppies. What could be better than new puppies? 4.) getting to visit my sister 5.) staying up until 5 a.m. with my sister. Even though it took me 3 days to catch up on my sleep, it was still great! 6.) I have another job interview tomorrow 7.) I have a second interview with a company on Monday, (I didn't think I would be getting a call back) 8.) Coming home to a clean house. My wonderful husband had done laundry, vacuumed and cleaned the kitchen 9.) Seeing my hubby and daughter get to have lots of alone time. It's been good for both of them. 10.) Finding out that my dryer only needed a $10.00 part, instead of having to be completely replaced. 11.) getting to watch Final Destination 3 ~ even though the second one was WAY better. (there was a couple of cool death scenes though. Not that death is cool, just that they die in the most inventive and horrific ways) 12.) getting pictures back of all the nieces and nephews that were taken last month. They are so cute! 13.) finally not feeling QUITE as stressed, because something and everything is going to work out! right? Links to other Thursday Thirteeners. Please link only if you have a current TT post. NO COMMENTS NECESSARY, just glad you stopped by!

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