Thursday, July 27, 2006

Oh the humanity of it all.

Remember how my husband was off of work last week and I was supposed to be off with him? Maybe not, I can't remember if I wrote about it. Anywho, my husband had last week off and I was supposed to be with him. In light of the current job situation and my old boss being a putz, I didn't get that week off. I just found out today that I will officially be done on the 31st of July. I'm not supposed to start my new job until the 15th of August. So guess who gets to stay home for almost 2 weeks and do nothing? ME, all by my freakin' self while my husband is at work. This whole summer vacation thing sucks! The worst part is that originally I was supposed to get PAID for that week off. Now I get nothing, just the pleasure of being home! Woopee freakin' doo!
~Don't forget to visit my renter, she is only here until tomorrow morning.~

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