Monday, July 10, 2006

Highlights from the weekend

We had a big change of plans on Friday. I ended up going to Orem with Judy, Melissa, Travis and their kids. John stayed home because he had to work and Kathryn went with my parents to Logan to see my sister. Here are some of the highlights of the various trips: ~~~~~~~~~~ We went to Orem for Richard and Trish's wedding and it was beautiful. The church was decorated really nice and everything went really smoothly. The four girls, two his, two hers had the most adorable matching dresses. Their hair was all done up and had flowers in it. Richards two boys Cameron and Kyle looked very handsome in their suits. Trish's son Gary and daughter Monica also looked really nice. There were 8 kids in the wedding party. All together they have 10 kids now. Their new house is huge! It was a really nice trip, even though it was a quick one. We left right after work Friday, spent the night, went to the wedding/reception and then left again for home. It was also squished in the truck and kind of uncomfortable. There were six of us in a 3 door pickup. It was fun though and I'm just glad I was able to work it out and go. John and I really wanted to show our support, even if only one of us could be there. ~~~~~~~~~~ John had a nice weekend and he said it was nice to have some time to himself. It was nice until about noon on Saturday, then he got really bored. I did come home to the lawn being mowed and the house being picked up. I guess boredom isn't the worst thing that could happen, it got him motivated to do some things around the house. ~~~~~~~~~~ Cassi was really happy to see Kathryn and got to do a lot of visiting with my parents. My dad got her car fixed so that it's drivable again. Her dog Kika had puppies about 10 days ago and they all went to see them. My dad somehow ended up in between the kennel where the puppies were and Kika. That was a bad move, my dad has a bite on his hand and teeth marks on his pants! Thankfully they were able to grab the dog pretty quick but it was kind of scary. ~~~~~~~~~~ John, Kathryn and I had a nice day at home Sunday. We ALL slept in until 9, got up and had breakfast. Went to church, cleaned the house a bit more, did some laundry, had dinner, watched a movie and went to bed. Kathryn has started this new jealousy kick with John and I. Whenever John hugs or kisses me she has an absolute fit. She will try and push him away from me and she starts screaming her little head off. It is so funny, I'm going to see if we can get it on video. As soon as John stops touching me, she will hug me as hard as she can and give him the dirtiest look! It's a riot! She has been doing the same thing with my parents. My dad is not allowed to touch HER grandma. She has also started saying "no" to herself when she is touching/doing something she's not supposed to be. Yesterday she kept trying to play with my cell phone. I would tell her no and take it away from her. She would start to reach for it again and just when she was about to touch it she would start shaking her head and say "no, no" then pull her hand back. I was trying really hard not to laugh, because I wanted her to know that it wasn't a toy. It was so hard though! She's is getting cuter and smarter by the day and it is so fun to watch!

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