Wednesday, July 19, 2006


1.) I have a headset at work 2.) people frequently start talking to me, not realizing I'm on the phone 3.) people frequently walk past my desk and think I'm talking to them, when really I'm on the phone. (this story would not make sense if you didn't know these three very important facts) Yesterday I was talking on the phone to John, who is at home with Kathryn. Suddenly she put something in her mouth that shouldn't be. John starts freaking out and he's telling her to spit it out, she starts to crawl away from him. Panicked that she is going to choke he asks me "what do I do?" Just as I start to reply the "new guy" walks past my desk and I blurt out "TELL HER TO GIVE IT TO YOU!" He stopped dead in his tracks, turns bright red and says "what did you just say?" I was so embarrased, I quickly explained to him that I'm on the phone. He walks around the corner and I bust up laughing and tell John what I just did. He thought it was pretty funny too and was teasing me about being racy at the office. This morning the "new guy" starts to walk past my desk, turns slightly red and says "before I walk past, are you on the phone?"

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