Monday, July 03, 2006

Lazy Sunday Drive

Yesterday was so nice, in fact the whole weekend was so nice. Even though both John and I are stressed about the job thing we decided to not let it be our main focus. Saturday was spent at home with Kathryn, who is teething again and was cranky, still a nice day though. Sunday morning we slept in and puttered around the house a bit. In the afternoon we decided to take a drive up to Alpine, WY to see the dam and enjoy the scenery. My MIL came with us and it was actually quite pleasant. We had quite a good chat with her and I've finally got some insight into why she's been so crabby lately, (I'll get into that later.) We got some fireworks, which the FIL paid for, because we always do a little show at their place. The dam is the fullest it's been in years, reaching way, way back into the valley. Everything was so lush and green, it was a great drive. On our way back home we stopped for Square Ice Cream and had to wait in line for 15 minutes just to get some. I'm not a big ice cream person, so when I have it I want it to be delectible and I wasn't dissapointed. Once back to the inlaws, we lit off a few fireworks, chatted and just relaxed. Grandpa has converted his old cow tub to a wading pool for the kids which Kathryn hung out in then crawled through the grass and got atrociously dirty. At least she was happy for a few hours. I hate when she's teething because she has a whole different personality that comes out and it isn't a pretty one!! I'm getting off early today and am going to hang out with my mom who has Kathryn. Tonight we are going to do some more fireworks. Tomorrow morning is the parade, but it sucks and I've seen it so many times! Besides I don't think Katy would sit through it all. Instead of the parade, we are going to go grocery shopping because it won't be crowded and we can get in and out fast! We are going to have a picnic with my family tomorrow afternoon and then my mom is watching Katy so John and I can go see the fireworks show, which is always amazing! Should be a fun day and a good end to our relaxing extended weekend!

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