Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #11

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Thirteen things that have happened, been done or realized in the past week. 1. I have a new job! yippee 2. I start this new job in 14 days 3. I would like to have those 14 days at home by myself 4. This is not feasable as I need to stay at the current job as long as possible 5. If I don't stay, I will not have as much money and that is never a good thing 6. I have slept better the past 5 days then I have the past 5 weeks 7. Except for last night, because my wacko cat Fido felt she needed to sleep on my head, chest or throat all night. I never woke fully enough to push her off, I just kept waking up and adjusting her! 8. My baby took her first steps (don't forget to guess on what day she will walk on her own) 9. John is back to work this week and Kathryn has been a handful at daycare and home. I think she got too much spoiling last week with dad at home. 10. I had to clean out my fridge and found something really gross that was so hairy I'm not sure what it used to be 11. I got a new rubbermaid drawer/storage thing on wheels so I can finally finish organizing my scrappin stuff and it will be out of the way 12. Found out we have conflicting schedules next weekend. John commited us to go to something with his family, while I commited him to do something with my family. We have yet to resolve the issue. I will win however, because a wedding reception is more important than a picnic! 13. I was comparing pictures yesterday of when we first got engaged to a recent photo and have decided that I could not fit into my wedding dress. Not that I want to, but if I did I'm convinced it wouldn't fit. 14. bonus: I need to be more strict with my diet and exercise. Links to other Thirteeners. Please only link if you have a current Thursday Thirteen post. NO COMMENTS NECCESARY, thanks for stopping by!

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