Saturday, May 13, 2006

Baby Intuition

Our visit with Great Grandma went really well today. We got to hear some of our favorite stories and have a good visit. Grandma had found some more things she wanted us to have. They had also found some Mother's Day cards from years past that we had fun going through. The weather was wonderful, so we spent some time outside soaking up the rays. We got Kathryn on the trampoline for the first time and she thought that was just a riot. When we would stop bouncing, she would try and do it herself. Grandma has had a rough week and they have changed and increased some of her medications. She is getting more and more jaundiced, her skin is the color of a tonka truck. She had a few nights of no sleep and restlessness. Her sense of time is way out of wack and she seems disoriented at times. She wanted to take a shower at 2 a.m. this morning and she didn't understand why they wanted her to go back to bed instead. I honestly don't think she will make it to Kathryn's first birthday, in about 5 weeks. Kathryn was so adorable with her when it was time to go. Katy is usually so wiggly and really not much of a snuggler. As soon as Great Grandma got her in her arms though it was a totally different story. She layed back, just staring up at Grandma's face, and kept reaching up ever so gently trying to touch it. She also kept leaning in for kisses, again very gentle like. She wasn't overly anxious to come back to me either. It was like she knew that this was the last time Grandma would be able to hold her. It just about broke my heart in two to see them like that together, one just fresh from heaven and one soon to return. The worst part was that my camera batteries were dead, so I couldn't take any photos or video.


Trish said...

Aww.. hon...
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Great big hugs coming your way!

Great Day said...

Thanks Trish, that means a lot.