Thursday, May 04, 2006


Is it morbid to want to spend time in a cemetery? When you're living that is. I don't know why, but I love to wander around cemeteries. I like to look at the different headstones and the dates. I often wonder about the people who are buried there and what they did during their lifetimes. I always feel at peace when I'm walking through a cemetery. It also makes me feel sad sometimes, like when I find a grave for a child, or younger person. The other thing that makes me sad is when the gravesite looks abandoned, like no one has visited it for a very long time. I think the worst thing about dying would be no one remembering you, or visiting your grave to make sure it looked nice. I like to leave notes at graves of my deceased family members. Especially when I'm dealing with something I think they could help me with. When I was about 8, my favorite Grandma passed away. We were very close and it happened quite suddenly. I missed her the most at night and would often have nightmares about her. When this would happen my mom would have me write her a letter and tell her what was on my mind. All my journal entries for about the next 4 years were letters to my Grandma. I guess that's were I get it, but somehow it just seems comforting to get your thoughts out and know that your loved one is watching over you and seeing everything you write. My Great Grandma being so sick is what got me on this subject I guess. Her grave will be too far away to visit very often, because she will be taken to be buried next to my Grandpa. It makes me sad that there will be no one there to look after her gravesite and leave her notes. Maybe I will have to write a few in my journal for her!

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WriteWingNut said...

Cemetery's give me the creeps, lol!

But I do visit my grandfather's grave, and when my grandma dies, she'll be buried next to him.

I'm very close to my grandma too and I cannot fathom losing her. Can't even go there in my mind or I'd lose it.