Friday, May 19, 2006

So little time

I am just swamped today. I've got 2 meetings this morning, a lunch appointment, and clients this afternoon. It is going to be a crazy day. PLUS I've got to get home and not just get everything packed, but loaded up into the car. Another thing about having a baby is how much crap you need to take when you go somewhere. Especially since we will be gone the whole weekend. I'm going to make a checklist today so that as I'm packing I can add stuff and make sure I don't forget anything. Then when we leave I have something to check off and make sure I don't forget anything. I asked my husband this morning if he wanted anything special or specific packed. He's the easy one, "oh the usual, underwear, sock, 2 shirts, I'll wear the pants I'm wearing, dress slacks and a tie." I asked him if that was everything. "Probably should bring my toothbrush and deodorant." If I'd let him he would just wear the same clothes all weekend long, including underwear. Gross!! We have to be on the road no later the 7 am, ugh! I'm not a morning person that is usually when I'm getting out of bed, not out the door. Hubby is driving so I'm gonna sleep in the back with Kathryn. I'm bringing my pillow, blanket and The DaVinci Code to finish on the way. Hopefully The Bug will let me sleep a bit, honestly I'll be lucking if I get to read at all. I'll be back on Monday, if I'm not in jail by that time for murdering my MIL who will be riding down and back with us. We are also sharing a room with her. John already warned her that I'm PMSing and haven't been feeling quite like myself. Hopefully she will be cool and there won't be any issues. Plus my SIL from you know where isn't going so that will help things. Everyone gets so uptight when she is around. ~update: it just came to my attention that we need to leave by 6:30 a.m. double ugh!! Also check out this hilarius post by Mommy off the record about this very thing. Do you believe in Menstraul Synchrony? I do!!


ablondeblogger said...

Oh no. Not with the MIL. While PMSing?!!! That is an equation for death, lol.

Mommy off the Record said...

Hey, thanks for the linky love :)

Great Day said...

~Blonde~ tell me about it!!

~Mommy~ you're ever so welcome.