Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Family update and other stuff

This post will probably be my last for a few days, so I wanted to give some updates before I forget what is going on. ~~~~~~~~~~ Kathryn just got a new tooth and there is another breaking through as I type. She has been wrotten the past few days and doing all the normal teething stuff. I'm glad they've finally broken through and we will be done with that for a few more months. ~~~~~~~~~~ John hasn't been feeling well today and I don't know if it's allergies again, or if he is getting something more serious. Oh, I hope it's just allergy stuff. He is such a baby when he's sick. I sent him to bed early and I hope he is doing better in the morning. ~~~~~~~~~~ We are supposed to go to a Birthday Party at Heise this weekend for our nephew who is turning four. I love that place, but I don't want to go. When I go I like to hang out in the hot tub, not party with a bunch of four year olds and their neurotic mothers. These are Melissa's friends, not mine and that's why their a bit crazy. ~~~~~~~~~~ We have family coming from Canada this weekend to see Great Grandma. I hope they are not too late! This is my favorite Uncle Bryan and his wife Loralee. I'm really excited to see them, which is the other reason I'm not overly thrilled to attend the above event. ~~~~~~~~~~ I'm tired and want to have another weekend to myself. The last one was so wonderful that I'm feeling selfish and want to recreate it. This however won't happen. Better luck next time! ~~~~~~~~~~ My crazy cat is in heat again and it's driving me crazy. I can't wait until we can get her fixed. Not that she's broken, just annoying as all heck. She wanders around the house, moaning and sticking her butt up in the air. If it weren't so danged expensive, we would have had it done long ago. Besides I'm sick of my husband shooing her out of the way and saying "no Fido, I don't want to have sex with you!" ~~~~~~~~~~ I know that we are going to get a guilt trip from the family for not going to the party this weekend, but I really don't care. I already told Melissa we won't be getting a gift. She was totally fine with it and agreed that he already has too many toys. However I've already been told that John's mom is going to buy Bryden a gift and put our names on it. Whatever makes her happy I guess and as long as I don't have to pay her back, fine! ~~~~~~~~~~ It is going to be a busy week at work, if today was any kind of an indicator. We have a lot going on. I'm grateful that our team is doing so well, yet am curious when I will be able to start working at home. Maybe after the summer when all the guys are back full time we can tackle that subject. ~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you all for your kind comments and words of support with everything that has been going on with my Great Grandmother. We are now down to days, unless something miraculous happens. That is where I'll be over the next few days. Please keep my family in your prayers if you wouldn't mind. Thanks again! Some days I don't know what I would do without your nice comments. ~~~~~~~~~~ Now I'm going to go to bed myself, seeing as Katy, John and amazingly Fido are already there each of them sound asleep.

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Mommy off the Record said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your Great Grandmother is not doing well. I will say a prayer for you and your family.