Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Look

~update~ It has just come to my attention that some of you are having trouble viewing the posts and they are at the bottom of the page. I've been using Firefox with no problems. So if you are using IE, sorry I don't know how to fix it!~ After being inspired by Trish and Kel, who are both sporting new blog designs, I started looking around for something to fit my budget. Free, that is. I had looked at several sites that offered some free templates, but really didn't like any of them. I found one I can live with and that makes me happy for now. I know I will either end up spending the next year trying to figure out on my own how to do it. Or I will spend it saving up to have someone design one for me. Either way this one is much better than what I had and it works. I even had an easier time editing it. Don't know if that's because I'm getting the hang of it a bit, or if I'm truly seeing things and this one does have less HTML gobbledy gook. Which is what it seemed. Either way I think its a vast improvement. Thanks Trish and Kel for getting the ball rolling for me. Kudos also to Pannasmontata Templates for letting others use their designs.


Trish said...

Lovin' the new look, but I had to scroll waaay down to see the first post.. could be the dreaded IE disease. :)

Thanks for sending the luv and linking me in your post! :)

{{{great big ginormous hugs to you!}}}

ablondeblogger said...

LOVE the new template! And nothin's better than free, huh?

There are so many templates out there and once you get the hang of it, you can tweak them a bit to your liking.

ISTockPhoto has a ton of cheap graphics you can use for a banner, too.

Kel said...

I love your new look. I'm glad you were inspired! <3