Monday, May 08, 2006

Step one accomplished

Katy has finally mastered the art of the sippy cup. For the longest time she would just chew on them, but couldn't really figure them out. Then I found some that were not spill proof that she did pretty well with, but there were lots of, well spills. She just couldn't figure out the sucking thing on the spill proof ones. Yesterday however she kept trying to suck out of my straw and finally did it, so I though what the heck let's give the other cups a try one more time. Well lo and behold she got it. Two days later and she has figured out not only how to hold it by the handles, but to lean her head back and tip it up. Everything she does, no matter how small is such a big deal to me. Every thing is new through her eyes and I just love it. It makes me happy also that she is figuring these things out, because it makes my life a bit easier.

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