Monday, May 29, 2006

Great Grandma rallied! (for a moment)

Here is the latest on Great Grandma. I'm going up tomorrow night to see her. It will be the last time, I'm sure of it! I've had a feeling for several days that it would not be much past the end of the month. E-mail dated May 28th 2006:
Tonight about a quarter to nine Mom rallied.
Mom wanted peaches!!! and more peaches and then HURRY and get me some peaches!!!!! She ate two little bowls of pudding with peaches; then another bowl of peaches. (We have to feed her now.) Vickie called Bonnie (Hospice nurse) to see if it was okay and Bonnie said to give her whatever she wants. Mom then said, "MORE!" and Ed went to get more and she said, "Just kidding!" She got us all laughing!
We gave her medicine--darn! and she went back into lala land.
Everything is shutting down; kidney failure with only small amount of black urine; very jaundice; weak pulses; irregular breathing; hands turning dark; temperature of skin goes from hot to cold; etc. etc. She is seeing those on the other side, too.
Bonnie still thinks it will be a matter of hours.
It was fun to have some interaction with Mom tonight.

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