Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Great Grandma Update - Painting

Aaarrrrgggghhhh!!!! Now that my anger has been released, let me just say how frustrating family can be at times. I have asked and asked what I can help with in regards to my Great Grandma. I always get the same answer, "everything is taken care of." It's like one of those stock answers that people use to get rid of you. I just hate it. Anyway, back to the original thought of this entry. I got an e-mail from an uncle saying how much he wished he lived closer so that he could help with the painting and cleaning and moving of things at Great Grandma's house. Closer?!! I only live 30 MINUTES away!! How much closer can you get?!! So I called my Aunt Suzanne, who has always been straight with me and asked if she needs any help. Her response, "oh, I'm so glad you called. I could really use the help. That would be so wonderful, when can you be here?" Finally I get someone who realizes and understands how close I am. She even apologized for not calling ME. Her comment was, "well we thought of you, but you guys work full time and have a baby." So what?!! When your family needs you, you make it happen! Besides that, I don't work 24 hours a day! I have time in the evenings and plenty of time on the weekends! Now that I've vented I feel so much better. I'm also glad that I will finally be able to do something to contribute. I've felt like such a useless lump sitting here not being ALLOWED to do anything. Much to John's joy, he will also be coming to help paint. He's such a great guy he worked from 7:30am-6:00pm then 7pm to 12am. That poor guy is dragging, but ready to go help were it's needed. I'm so grateful for him! ~update~ We are back from helping to paint and things are coming along nicely. It looks like we will be back tomorrow night. It was so nice to be helping, even though it wasn't much. Amy was there helping as well and it was nice to do some catching up with her. Suzanne made the comment that we needed a radio because it was so quiet. I got John talking and he talked their ears off about the difference between Nintentdo and XBox. It was so funny, because neither one of them cared, but they listened politely and it did fill the silence. ~


ablondeblogger said...

My family does the same thing to me. Even with big news stuff...I'm always the last to know!

Trish said...

I refuse to speak to the 'tardness that is my family - 'cept for my mom. She's cool. :) Everyone else - pfft. and that's just the ways we likes it.

Jen said...

It's so frustrating when family doesn't "get" you. I'm glad you were finally able to get your point across and they're finding work for you so you can help.

I'm sorry to hear about your great-grandma.

Just Expressing Myself said...

My Aunt Angie was there for me when my dad passed away.
It's a great thing to know somebody is in your corner.
Take care,