Friday, May 26, 2006

Letter - Meme

I was tagged by Dawn to do this letter meme. Then like the ditz that I am, forgot to do it. I was sitting here thinking what am I going to post about before I go to bed? Then it hits me "wasn't I supposed to do a meme?" I couldn't even remember what letter I had. I had to go back to her blog and scan through all the archives until I found it. I've been assigned the letter "D". I have to write 10 words that start with "D" that mean something to me. It probably won't make sense to anyone else, but here I go. Hopefully this doesn't take me all night either. 1. Ditz - what I am most days 2. Dance - what I think I can do 3. Dogs - what I've always had growing up 4. Dark - what my husband's poetry is 5. Ducks - what my bathroom is decorated in 6. Denial - what I've been in many times 7. Down - how I've been feeling lately 8. Daisy - my fave flower, and my favorite dog as a kid 9. Dumped - what I've never had happen 10. Done - because I am Notice how my longest word is only 6 letters long? #1 is ringing true already. Thanks Dawn! If anyone else would like a letter, please let me know. Sorry it took me so long to remember that I was supposed to do this.

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