Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday, Friday, Friday!

I spent about 80% of my work day on the phone with Tech Support. Nothing I like to do better, especially on Friday. I will note however that the company I was dealing with has the best Tech Support I've ever encountered. I had to hold for, let's see about 10 seconds. Then when the guy wasn't exactly sure what was wrong, instead of giving me some bull crap answer or solution, or placing me on hold for hours, got my phone number and politely asked if he could call me back. Here's the real clincher, he actually called me back. Miracles never cease to exist!! Even though I spent most of the day on the phone at least the time was pleasant and we resolved the problem. I'm one happy customer and Monday I will follow up with the guy's supervisor so I can give a raving review of what a wonderful employee he is!! I hope that helps him get a raise or something nice. If nothing else I hope it makes his day, nothing like a happy customer to do that for you.

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