Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Work sucks, but you get the Bucks

Work is so dead today and I wish I didn't have to be here today. I hate it when it's slow. I would rather be rushing to meet a deadline and be buried with stuff than have NOTHING to do. It's driving me a bit batty. The worst thing is that I could be doing nothing from home. Now that we have the remote access hooked up I can get all my office files on my home computer. I could be at home staring blankly at the computer as easily as I could here. At home I might be able to get some laundry done, or vacuum or something. They want me to stay here though, to be in the office in case someone stops in. I'm not complaining and I see their point, it's just boring as all heck. While we're on the subject of work. John only works one night this week at his second job. He only works for 5 hours total this week at his second job. I'm about ready to tell him to just bag the whole thing. What good does it do if they never schedule him. I guess in a way it's good, because he isn't as stressed or tired, but still it seems kind of pointless to me. I guess as long as he is okay with it, there's no reason for me to really care. I'll just be so grateful in August when he can be done there and I can have him home with me and Kathryn every night. Besides I don't want to work two job, so I'm not going to say a thing.


ablondeblogger said...

Work...yuck. I've got to start writing more stories to pay some bills here. I hate it when I HAVE to write. Then it becomes work. Blah!

Great Day said...

it's always more fun when you don't HAVE to do it.